Black lawmaker to gays: ‘Stop carpet-bagging on our civil rights movement’

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A Wyoming lawmaker on Monday testified that she is tired of hearing gays and lesbians equate their struggle for civil rights to the efforts of mixed-race couples to secure the legal right to marry in the late 1960s.

Lynn Hutchings

Rep. Lynn Hutchings (R-Cheyenne), a black woman serving her first term in the Wyoming state House, called on gays and lesbians to “please stop carpet-bagging on our civil rights movement.”

Hutchings said being black is a result of genetics. “It is inborn,” she said.

“Science does not evidence a genetic involvement to homosexuality. It is but a choice. Being black is involuntary, it is not a choice. Homosexuals may choose who they want to be.”

Hutchings was testifying against a proposed bill to legalize same-sex marriage in Wyoming.

The bill was defeated by a House committee on Monday.

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