‘Amazing Race’ winners to bullied gay youth: ‘You’re Amazing!’

‘Amazing Race’ winners to bullied gay youth: ‘You’re Amazing!’

“The Fabulous Beekman Boys,” recent winners of the “The Amazing Race,” say they have received over 8000 congratulation wishes since winning the reality TV show, but one letter in particular touched them in a personal way.

According to winners Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, one of the first letters they received this week came from a mother with a gay son named Colin, who has been dealing with bullying and harassment due to his sexual orientation:

“I’m sure you guys are way too busy to read this, but I want you to know how inspirational you two are to my 12 year old son. He is gay and is dealing with bullying and harassment in middle school. It’s so hard to see him going through this, and sometimes the ‘It Gets Better’ message is lost on a 12 year old who feels that middle school will never end … We cheered you on every Sunday night and agonized every time you had difficulties. My son was so incredibly thrilled when you two won last night (as was I!). Thank you for helping him see that not only DOES it get better, it gets AMAZING.”

In response, the Beekman Boys, stars of their own reality series, posted this message to Colin…

Josh Kilmer-Purcell (left) and Brent Ridge

… and asked each of the teams on this year’s show to send a message of encouragement to Colin as well.

Among the contestants sending a message to Colin was out entertainer Jaymes Vaughan, and race partner James Davis of “Team Chippendales.”

Chippendales Jaymes Vaughan and James Davis

Wrote the Beekman’s on their blog:

We were called the “Ultimate Underdogs” on the Amazing Race. And when we hit the finish mat, we urged everyone who feels like they’re down-and-out to “keep going, try as hard as you can, eventually someone will help you – and you will win.”

Colin, we know that you’re doing your best, and working as hard as you can in school. We shared Colin’s mom’s note with our fellow Amazing Racers – who have also all been underdogs for various reasons at some point in their lives.

Photographs of other team members with their message to Colin can be viewed here.

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