Google launches ‘Legalize Love’ campaign in support of gay marriage worldwide

Google launches ‘Legalize Love’ campaign in support of gay marriage worldwide

LONDON — Internet giant Google announced Saturday the launch of a global campaign aimed at legalizing same-sex marriage around the world.

The ambitious project, entitled “Legalize Love,” was outlined at a global LGBT Workplace Summit in London earlier today, reported Dot429.

Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe, Manager of Diversity and Inclusion for Google’s Europe, Middle East and Africa regions, called the initiative, “obviously a very ambitious piece of work.”

The “Legalize Love” campaign officially launches in Poland and Singapore on Saturday, July 7th. Google intends to eventually expand the initiative to every country where the company has an office, and will focus on places with homophobic cultures, where anti-gay laws exist.


On the decision to launch the initial phase in a country like Singapore, Palmer-Edgecumbe says, “Singapore wants to be a global financial center and world leader and we can push them on the fact that being a global center and a world leader means you have to treat all people the same, irrespective of their sexual orientation.”

Google’s strategy involves developing partnerships between companies and organizations to support grass-roots campaigns, efforts that it says will also be good for Google’s business.

“We operate in many countries and have a very globally mobile workforce. We have had a number of instances where we have been trying to hire people into countries where there are these issues and have been unable to put the best person into a job in that country,” said Palmer-Edgecumbe.

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