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Colorado bakery refuses to bake cakes for ‘illegal’ gay weddings

Colorado bakery refuses to bake cakes for ‘illegal’ gay weddings

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — A Denver-area bakery has refused to bake a wedding reception cake because the clients are gay, and according to another customer bakery does “not participate in making cakes for ‘illegal’ things.”

Dave Mullins, 28, and Charlie Craig, 31, said they stopped by Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colo., last week to order their wedding reception cake, but that bakery owner Jack Phillips refused they request because his business doesn’t create cakes for gay weddings, reported Denver’s Westword.

The couple, who is planning to marry in Provincetown, Mass., in September, said they planned to celebrate with a reception for friends and family in Denver in October.

“It was the most awkward, surreal, very brief encounter,” Mullins says. “We got up to leave, and to be totally honest, I said, ‘Fuck you and your homophobic cake shop.’ And I may or may not have flipped him off.”

Mullins said he posted his reaction on Facebook, and since then similar stories about the cake shop have surfaced, and Yelp reviewers have written more than sixty comments expressing disgust.

One Yelp user, Samantha S. recounted, “I feel I need to disclose to anyone with an ‘alternative’ lifestyle, that this company does not want your business, as they do not participate in making cakes for ‘illegal’ things, such as a commitment ceremony (exact quote).”

As it turns out, Masterpiece Cakeshop has refused to bake cakes for other occasions as well, one commenter on CitySeach calling it “Judgmental Conservative Service.”

Westword said it has been unable to get a comment from anyone at Masterpiece about the accusation.

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