Romney slams Proposition 8 verdict: ‘Politics and prejudices’ of judges

Mitt Romney IGOR VOLSKY [e]Think Progress[m]

In 1994, Mitt Romney called for “full equality” for LGBT Americans, but this afternoon the Republican presidential candidate condemned the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal’s ruling against Proposition 8.

Mitt Romney

“Today, unelected judges cast aside the will of the people of California who voted to protect traditional marriage. This decision does not end this fight, and I expect it to go to the Supreme Court,” Romney said.

“I believe marriage is between a man and a woman and, as president, I will protect traditional marriage and appoint judges who interpret the Constitution as it is written and not according to their own politics and prejudices.”

As the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent asks, “That note about judges who interpret the Constitution according to their own “prejudices” — is that a reference to the fact that the judge on the case was gay, which was cited by Prop 8 supporters as proof of his bias? Naah, probably not. A major party presidential candidate would never go there.”

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