NOM makes tasteless reference to gay Congressman’s newborn son

NOM makes tasteless reference to gay Congressman’s newborn son

There are times that the National Organization for Marriage is so anti-gay that it burns — such as the post on its blog regarding the birth of Congressman Jared Polis’ newborn son:

“We have no clue whether it was a planned motherless family or whether he and his partner stepped in to give a motherless child a family — since he will not say,” NOM said in a blog post Monday. “But he and his partner are proud to announce they were both ‘very excited to become new parents.'”

A simple congratulations would have been nice. Or, since the organization does not agree with same-sex couples raising children (or existing in dignity), maybe a little silence would have been in order.

We can all predict what’s going to happen next. Should NOM catch any flack from this, the organization will quickly whine about how it’s being “persecuted,” leaving many of us to wonder what ever happened to the good old days when “Christians” could make tasteless comments about newborns without reprisal.

Seems to me that a so-called moral organization shouldn’t sound like bullies on the playground.

That’s what NOM comes across as here — bullies on a playground poking fun at a little boy for living in a same-sex household:

“You don’t have a mother! You don’t have a mother!”

On Friday, Rep. Polis (D-Colo.) and his domestic partner Marlon Reis, announced the birth of their son, Caspian Julius. Polis becomes the first openly gay member of Congress to become a parent.

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