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Forrester: ‘Homosexuals out to discredit me’ over false medical credentials

CHARLOTTE — After days of hot attention from LGBT media and blogs, North Carolina state Sen. James Forrester (R-Gaston) has opened up and responded to accusations that he falsified some medical credentials and affiliations on his resume.

James Forrester

“What has happened is the gay community — the homosexuals don’t like the bill that I pushed through the General Assembly,” Forrester told qnotes via phone.

“They don’t like the bill. They are trying to kill the messenger. They are working to discredit me but they can’t.”

Forrester added, “If I put anything on my résumé that is false, I’ll certainly change it.”

Any mistakes, Forrester said, were “inadvertent.”

“I don’t need to make up credentials; I have enough of them already,” he said. “The gay community is just trying to dig up anything bad about me to discredit me and discredit the bill. I wish they’d quit sending such hate mail and the terrible phone calls I’m getting from them.”

Forrester also said he had already changed his résumé to list “former” affiliations with groups like the American College of Preventive Medicine, though mentions of the groups remain unedited on his résumé at his personal campaign site and at a web page on the Gaston County Republican Party’s website.

In each instance, Forrester’s citations seem to indicate a current and active affiliation with various groups.

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Matt Comer is Editor of QNotes.

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