‘Playboy Club’ star Sean Maher reveals he’s gay: ‘This is my coming out ball’

‘Playboy Club’ star Sean Maher reveals he’s gay: ‘This is my coming out ball’

Actor Sean Maher, the 36-year-old star of “Playboy Club,” on Monday revealed that his is gay, and with his partner of nine years, is the proud father of two children.

Sean Maher

For the first time, Maher opens up about his sexuality in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“I was nervous coming here today because I’ve just never talked about it,” Maher says, while sitting down to chat at Little Dom’s Italian bistro in Los Angeles’ trendy Los Feliz neighborhood, the area where the actor lives with Paul, his partner of nearly nine years, and their two children, Sophia Rose, 4, and Liam Xavier, 14 months.

“But, it’s so liberating. It was interesting to be coming to have a conversation that I was always afraid to have.” Despite his trepidation, he adds with a big smile: “This is my coming out ball. I’ve been dying to do this.”

Although he’s never been asked to outright define his sexual orientation to the press, Maher said he “would be lying if I said I didn’t paint a different picture.”

In “Playboy Club,” Maher plays the role of a closeted gay man, also named Sean, who’s married to a lesbian Playboy Bunny.

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