Dennis Rodman outs Anderson Cooper: ‘He’s fucking gay as fuck’

Dennis Rodman outs Anderson Cooper: ‘He’s fucking gay as fuck’

NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman this week, in an unfiltered interview with Graham Bensinger on “In Depth,” talked about — among other topics — sex, gays, and Anderson Cooper.

“Dennis Rodman, an open book when it comes to sex, says he will sometimes visualize being intimate with men and goes on to say that people wouldn’t be surprised if he said he was gay: “Back then it was like, ‘Oh, my God, he’s gay.’ If I told people I was gay, they would say, ‘Oh, we knew’ — [laughs] — ‘we was just waiting for you to come out!'”

Rodman, 50, also mentions CNN newscaster Anderson Cooper, calling him “gay as fuck.”

The gay community is very cool … Look at the guy on ‘360,’ they got a news guy, he’s fucking gay as fuck … and he’s still making 25 million fucking [dollars] a year.”


Cooper, long the subject of rumors and speculation about his sexual orientation, has never come out publicly as gay, but in May 2007, Out magazine ranked Cooper second behind David Geffen in its list of the fifty “Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America.”

Even The New York Times, in a feature article this weekend about his new daytime talk show, seemed to give Cooper a gentle, knowing nudge:

Mr. Cooper is opening up about everything, almost.

The one thing he hasn’t done yet — and the lacuna grows more obvious and awkward with each show — is talk about his love life. It’s hard to see how he can continue to leave that out selectively and preserve one particular zone of privacy while building a confessional talk show wrapped around his good looks, high spirits and glamorous adventures.

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