Linda Harvey: Teacher’s union gives ‘financial incentives’ for students to be gay

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Linda Harvey, founder of Columbus, Ohio-based anti-gay Mission America, has now targeted a National Education Association affiliate for providing college scholarships for LGBT high school students.

Linda Harvey

Harvey, who in April claimed that “demonic manipulation” was making kids gay as she railed against the National Day of Silence, took to the airwaves to imply that an NEA affiliate teachers union was offering “financial incentives” for students “to be actively engaged in both the political goals of homosexuals as well as the risky behavior.”

Harvey combined anti-gay rhetoric with her stringent opposition to the rights of workers and organized labor:

The group’s website says they raise money for teen scholarships given to those kids who consider themselves homosexual.

The past few years the scholarship winners have not simply been young people persuaded to be in this deviant lifestyle, but are students who have unfortunately bought the party line and become involved in activism projects like homosexual clubs and the pro-homosexual Day of Silence in their schools.

And so now kids are given financial incentives to be actively engaged in both the political goals of homosexuals as well as the risky behavior.

This is appalling. In these tough economic times many kids will be struggling to get money together for college and here we have a really sleazy connection for them to make. It’s just one more outrageous thing going on with our teachers’ unions.

Harvey’s other recent gems include:

You can listen to Harvey spreading her hate daily, via her radio show on WRFD in Columbus.

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