David Pakman show: Pastor Damon Thompson’s anti-gay preaching, outing exposed

Ashton Elijah Pittman LGBTQ Nation

LGBTQ Nation contributor Ashton Elijah Pittman appeared on The David Pakman Show this weekend to recount his experiences in Damon Thompson’s anti-gay ministry “The Ramp.”

Ashton Elijah Pittman

In his debut essay at LGBTQ Nation — ‘Deliverance from homosexuality:’ How an anti-gay ministry changed my life — Pittman describes Thompson, a self-anointed “prophet,” as a “dangerous madman.”

“It’s not simply that he was the first preacher I ever heard use anti-gay slurs in a sermon or make the suggestion that it was possible to change one’s sexuality; it’s that he was the first preacher I ever heard sell homophobia and self-hatred so effectively.”

Pittman talks with Pakman about the anti-gay preaching, blowback against him for blogging about it, ex-gay teachings, and more. Watch:

Pittman contributes regularly to LGBTQ Nation under the byline Ashton Elijah, and maintains a blog at AshtonElijah.com.

The David Pakman Show is an internationally syndicated talk radio and television program. The interview is set to air on July 4 (check for listings).

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