Cuomo reportedly has the votes to get marriage equality passed in New York
Andrew Cuomo

At least seven New York state Senate Republicans have signaled to Gov. Andrew Cuomo that they’re ready to support same-sex marriage, more than enough to put the controversial and historic measure over the top this week, according to The New York Post.

A highly knowledgeable Senate insider said yesterday that “far more of the [GOP] members are in play than anyone realizes, including some surprising names from conservative upstate areas.”

Among the unexpected potential Senate Republican “yes” votes, insiders say, are Kemp Hannon of Nassau County, Charles Fuscillo of Suffolk County, Betty Little of Glens Falls, Andrew Lanza of Staten Island, Greg Ball of Putnam County, James Alesi of Rochester, and Roy McDonald of Rensselaer County — all of whom helped defeat gay marriage when the vote was held in December 2009.

The measure would need 32 votes for adoption in the Senate, and Cuomo is assuring Republicans that at least 28 of the 30 Democrats in the Senate are prepared to vote for a bill.

Cuomo has stated that he won’t advance a bill unless he has total assurance of passage, but time is running out, as the legislative session ends next week.

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