American Airlines’ GLEAM employees join ‘It Gets Better’ project (Video)

American Airlines’ GLEAM employees join ‘It Gets Better’ project (Video)

The Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans and Allied Employees of American Airlines (GLEAM) Employee Resource Group joins the “It Gets Better Project” to offer encouragement to teens who are struggling with the challenges of growing up, especially when dealing with the extra pressures that can come with being gay.

“It’s tragic that so many LGBT kids feel unloved, rejected and alone because of who and what they are. If this helps save even one from hurting themselves, or just lets them know that they are ok and not alone, then it’s a success. I’m really proud that GLEAM and AA are telling our stories and showing our support,” said Todd Rice, GLEAM Communications Officer.

Seattle-based activist and author Dan Savage and his husband Terry Miller launched the “It Gets Better Project” to provide support and encouragement to LGBT teens struggling with bullying and adversity, following a series of suicides in the Fall of 2010 — many of the teens were bullied for their perceived sexual orientation.

Fort Worth-based American Airlines is the first airline to take part in the “It Gets Better” campaign.

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