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Nevada governor signs first of three bills expanding transgender rights

Brian Sandoval

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval on Tuesday signed into law a bill that prohibits workplace discrimination against transgender people.

The bill, AB211, adds gender expression and identity to state employment law, which already prohibits employers from singling out job candidates based on race, religion, sexual orientation and other attributes, and is one of three bills approved in the state legislature this session that expand protections for transgender people.

The bill — approved in the state Assembly on May 17, and in the state Senate on April 18 — enables the Nevada Equal Rights Commission to investigate acts of employment discrimination against transgendered people.

Nevada becomes the 14th U.S. state, along with the District of Columbia, to provide protections based on gender identity or expression.

Two additional transgender protections bills were approved in the Nevada Assembly on Monday. Both incorporate gender identity and expression into the state’s non-discrimination law, one specific to housing, and the other to public accommodations.

Sandoval (R) is expected to sign both bills in the coming days.

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