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MN Family Council tells legislators gays engage in bestiality, pedophilia, deviant behavior

MN Family Council tells legislators gays engage in bestiality, pedophilia, deviant behavior

The head of the anti-gay Minnesota Family Council, a main proponent of Minnesota’s anti-gay marriage amendment, has defended his organization’s “legislative manual” that asserts gays and lesbians are more likely to engage in bestiality, pedophilia, and eating human excrement.

Tom Prichard

The manual, excerpts of which were published earlier this week by blogger Jeremy Hooper of, quickly disappeared from the Minnesota Family Council website, but Tom Prichard, the group’s president, said he stands by the documents, reported NPR.

Prichard defends the postings as getting “into the nature of homosexuality and homosexual behavior,” but says that won’t be the focus of his group’s efforts to pass the constitutional ban.

“The focus of this campaign is the nature and purpose of marriage — not a referendum of homosexuality per se, or its lifestyle activities and behaviors,” he says. “I would see that as a separate issue.”

The Minnesota Family Council organized much of the testimony in favor of putting the anti-gay marriage amendment question on the Minnesota ballot. The measure passed in the GOP-controlled state House on Saturday night, the final step necessary to go before voters in 2012.

The manual outlines the Minnesota Family Council’s legislative agenda, and offered anti-gay talking points for legislators, that included:

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“Experts point out that homosexuality is not normal. Dr. Armand Nicholai, chief psychiatrist of the Medical School at Harvard University, states that homosexuals know at their core that their behavior is not normal.”

“Homosexuals must use body apertures not constructed for sexual penetration or bring their mouth into contact with areas designed for the elimination of human waste, which causes serious hygienic and health risks. Some homosexuals become urolagniacs (ingesting urine and feces) and engage in bestiality as well as other deviant behaviors.”

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“Public restrooms, parks, beaches, and public baths are all common places for homosexual activity.”

“Homosexuals often engage in startling promiscuity.”

“The homosexual population includes a disproportionate number of pedophiles. Many prominent homosexuals and organization have the stated objective to remove age-of-consent laws from state statutes.”

Nicholi is a founding board member — along with George Rekers — of the Family Research Council. Rekers, you might recall, took a ten-day European vacation last year with a callboy he met through

Last year, the Family Research Council was designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for demonizing and disseminating false and misleading information about gays and lesbians.

Prior to the release of the documents by, Prichard told reporters he hoped that Minnesotans could have a “respectful debate” about gay marriage.

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