Advocates to stage demonstration, urge royal couple to support marriage equality

Price William and Kate Middleton Mario Testino, Official Photograph

Mario Testino
Official Engagement Photograph

Price William and Kate Middleton

Marriage equality advocates are planning a demonstration at Buckingham Palace on Monday to raise awareness that that same-sex couples in Britain are still banned from getting married, and to deliver a giant wedding card to Prince William and Kate Middleton ahead of their wedding on Friday.

The event, coordinated by activist and human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell and the Equal Love campaign, is aimed at urging the royal couple to support moves to end the ban on gay marriage.

“The royal couple are lucky. They have the option to get married. Gay couples don’t have this option. They are barred by law from marriage,” said Tatchell.

“There would be uproar if the government banned Jewish people from marriage and offered them civil partnerships instead. We would call it an anti-Semitic law; something we would expect in Nazi Germany, not democratic Britain. Well, Jews are not banned from marriage but gay people are.”

The Equal Love campaign stress that the gathering is neither a celebration of monarchy nor a protest against the wedding, but rather a means of highlighting the discriminatory nature of marriage laws in the United Kingdom.

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