Brutal beating of a trans woman, DOMA defense, Chick-Fil-A and ‘Don’t Say Gay’

This week on the “Same Sex Sunday” podcast, the panel discusses the brutal beating of a transgender woman at a Baltimore McDonald’s, and whether or not publicizing this video is helpful.

The panel also dissects the Tennessee Senate’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill attempting to silence public school employees from discussing “homosexuality” and all things adjacent in Tennessee’s K-12 schools; and goes full-force at the House Republicans’ expensive defense of the “Defense Of Marriage Act,” including the legal landscape, the law firm behind the move and what some activists want to do to send a message to opponents of equality.

There’s also get an update on the Chick-Fil-A anti-gay charity fiasco: is one University about to say goodbye to the chain because of their anti-gay giving?

This week’s panel includes Metro Weekly’s Chris Geidner,’s Michael A. Jones, Log Cabin Republicans’ Casey Pick and LGBTQ advocate and activist Meghan Stabler.

With so many lawyers on one round table, you can bet there was some very deep discussion of the DOMA and Tennessee law realities.

This week’s podcast is here:

Editor’s Note: Same Sex Sunday is a weekly news and politics round table, podcast discussion about LGBT issues, hosted by Phil Reese and Joe Mirabella.

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