Elton John: ‘Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man’

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In a new interview with Parade magazine, Elton John speaks about the transition from his raucous rock-star years to becoming a committed philanthropist, and in the web exclusive, opens up about love, his partner, and what his thinks about Jesus Christ.

Elton John

On Christianity, John told Parade:

“I think Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems. On the cross, he forgave the people who crucified him. Jesus wanted us to be loving and forgiving. I don’t know what makes people so cruel. Try being a gay woman in the Middle East — you’re as good as dead.”

And, on keeping the love alive with his partner, David Furnish:

“Every Saturday for 16 years, we’ve sent each other a card, no matter where we are in the world, to say how much we love each other.”

The full interview with John will appear on Parade.com on Friday, Feb. 19. There’s also an interesting slide show of the “Most Outrageous Elton John Photos.”

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