NJ senate leader to call for gay marriage vote on Thursday

LGBTQ Nation

There will be a vote on gay marriage in the lame duck session of the New Jersey state legislature, reports WNBC-TV.

“We’re gonna post the bill and see what happens,” Senate President Dick Codey told us.

Codey, and even sponsors of same sex marriage legislation are skeptical if there are enough votes to pass in the State Senate.

Codey said he will post it for debate and a vote Thursday afternoon.

If it does pass the State Senate, it would go to the Assembly which would also have to debate, and then hold a final vote on Monday, the last day of the session.

Gay-rights advocates have been pushing to get the bill through this session, which ends January 12, because Gov. Corzine supports it. Gov.-elect Chris Christie, who will take office Jan. 19, has said he would veto such a measure.

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