Gay Canadian politician’s Christmas card attacked by internet homophobes

Gay Canadian politician’s Christmas card attacked by internet homophobes

A gay Canadian Member of Parliament who sent out a Christmas card featuring himself and his husband has been attacked by homophobes on the internet, reports Pink News.

Nova Scotia Liberal MP Scott Brison’s personalized card (above) shows him and husband Maxime St Pierre with their golden retriever, Simba, in Brison’s rural riding of King-Hants.

It’s the first time the couple have sent out a Christmas card together. The picture came from a photo shoot they were given as a wedding gift.

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The couple married in 2007, two years after Canada legalized gay marriage.

Although personalized family Christmas cards are commonplace for politicians, a number of angry commentators attacked the card.

The Globe and Mail newspaper website had to shut its comment section due to “hateful” messages, while other websites opted to disable comment features.

Brison said the remarks were made by a “very, very tiny minority of bigots” and said he had received an overwhelmingly positive reaction.

He told the Canadian Press: “It’s a personal card. I’m not the first politician to have a family picture on a Christmas card … I’m looking forward to the day when this is seen as no big deal.”

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