Argentine gay couple marry in Latin America’s first gay wedding

Argentine gay couple marry in Latin America’s first gay wedding

Less than one month after a Buenos Aires court derailed the marriage of Alex Freyre and Jose Maria di Bello, the couple wed Monday at the southern tip of Argentina, making it the first same-sex marriage in Latin America, reports CNN.

Their marriage was hailed as a victory by gay rights groups in Argentina, though it was unknown whether the legality of their marriage would face any challenges.

Freyre and Di Bello first tried to get married earlier this month after a November court ruling that ordered civil officials in Buenos Aires to recognize their union.

On the eve of their planned December 1 wedding, however, another court filed an injunction, putting the ceremony on hold pending the outcome of a Supreme Court appeal.

Freyre and Di Bello, both HIV positive, had originally chosen December 1 for their wedding in observance of World Aids Day.

The couple’s private ceremony on Monday was held at a registry office in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, chosen because Tierra del Fuego’s Governor Fabiana Ríos “is strongly in favor of gay marriage,” as the couple stated.

And they added: “We were aware of that, she had even signed a project and had made her stance a public one,” reports the Buenos Aires Herald.

“As a couple, we have been dreaming with getting married for a long time,” Freyre told the press after the ceremony.

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