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Russian LGBT activists protest in Moscow’s Red Square

A small group of LGBT Russians have taken their protest against laws intended to silence their movement to every region — and on Wednesday night they produced images of their protesting arrest in front of the Kremlin. ...

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Groundbreaking: Turkish parents of gay children make video (Video)

More positive change in Turkey with the news this week that the High Court of Appeals has ordered a newspaper to pay compensation for calling gay people “perverts” in a headline it printed in 2008. ...

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2011 marks advances in rights, visibility of transgender and intersex people

Anna Grodzka
Continuing a series of posts on the significant developments in the LGBT community in 2011, there were numerous advances around the world in the rights and visibility of transgender and intersex people. ...

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Human rights activists make progress in decriminalization of homosexuality worldwide

Continuing a series of posts on the significant developments in the LGBT community in 2011, we saw an increased impact of the work of the UN Human Rights Council, particularly its Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process of interrogating country’s human ...

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Growth of international projects helps evolve gay rights, visibility in 2011

Dancer at New Delhi Pride
Continuing a series of posts on the significant developments in the LGBT community in 2011, the growth of activism and international projects help shape the continuing evolution of gay rights and visibility around the world. ...

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Same-sex marriage was a leading international concern throughout 2011

In terms of the news -- international reporting -- this was the year of same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage (or 'marriage equality' or 'gay marriage') was a leading international concern -- whether in the West or raised as a chimeric threat, ...

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Jamaican opposition leader backs LGBT rights in ‘historic’ moment

In moment described as “historic” by activists, the Jamaican opposition leader has come out for LGBT rights during an election debate. Jamaicans will go to the polls on December 29 and People’s National Party leader Portia Simpson-Miller made the positive ...

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Report: Kenyan gay men trafficked as sex slaves to Gulf countries

A Kenyan gay magazine has exposed male sex trafficking between Kenya and the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Identity magazine says that gay and bisexual Kenyans are being lured from universities with promises of jobs only to end ...

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‘Ex-Gay’ myth hits Caribbean: Newspaper ad declares ‘truth’ about gays

The ‘ex-gay’ religious movement has expanded beyond its American origins throughout the world. Now the same lies pushed by the same American "ex-gay" propagandists are finding an audience in the Caribbean. ...

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Northern Cyprus to decriminalize homosexuality

Turkish Cypriot leaders have bowed to pressure from Members of the European Parliament (MEP), and have agreed to repeal a law outlawing homosexuality. Dervis Eroglu, the leader of the Turkish Cypriot government in the northern part of Cyprus said he ...

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