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Russian LGBT activists protest in Moscow’s Red Square

A small group of LGBT Russians have taken their protest against laws intended to silence their movement to every region — and on Wednesday night they produced images of their protesting arrest in front of the Kremlin.

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Their protest, signaled on social media to happen in another Moscow location, in fact occurred in front of the most famous location in all of Russia. Within seconds they were swarmed by police.


A small group of activists within the past fortnight have protested a law passed in the northern city of Arkhangelsk which effectively bans all gay organizing. Supposedly to “protect children,” the law actually bans all LGBT public events and protests and the rhetoric surrounding it is explicitly against the emerging LGBT movement in Russia.

The dolls — Piggy, Stepashka, Fili and Karkushi — at the Red Square protest were from popular children’s TV shows and the banners said “Good night, kids!”

Two Russian regions have already adopted the same law, and the so called “liberal” city of St. Petersberg has voted in favor, but has yet to pass the law. It is reportedly under discussion in Moscow and Novosibirsk and some have suggested it may become a federal law.

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