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Putin: Gays should feel welcome in Russia, but must ‘leave children in peace’

Friday, January 17, 2014

SOCHI, Russia — Russian President Vladimir Putin sought Friday to reassure gay visitors to the Sochi Games that they are welcome in Russia, but added that they must “leave the children in peace.”

Responding to a question from an Olympics volunteer during a visit in the Black Sea resort city, Putin vowed that gays face no discrimination in Russia and could feel “at ease.” But he emphasized that because of a Russian law banning gay “propaganda” among minors, they cannot express their views on gay rights issues to anyone under age.

Putin appeared to lump homosexuality and pedophilia together. “We have no ban on nontraditional sexual relations. We have a ban on propaganda of homosexuality and pedophilia, I want to underline that, on propaganda among minors,” he said.

Putin and other politicians have defended the June propaganda law as a protection of child rights, but critics believe that the law discriminates against sexual minorities. The law specifically refers only to “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations.”

Putin insisted the measure isn’t discriminatory.

“We aren’t banning anything, we aren’t rounding up anyone, we have no criminal punishment for such relations unlike many other countries,” he said. “One can feel relaxed and at ease, but please leave the children in peace.”

In the wake of the international outcry against the bill, Russian authorities have put limits on the right to protest during the Sochi games, which run Feb. 7-23.

A presidential decree initially banned all rallies in Sochi from Jan. 7 to March 21, but Putin later rescinded the ban to allow demonstrations at venues determined by the Interior Ministry.

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  • Rich Ruiz

    What an ass……

    • Mark Clementz

      Agreed. Typical homophobe and he is definitely wrong in what he said.

  • Steven Wright-Blackwell

    The hell is this?

  • Andrew Leighton

    Putin in the words of a very wise man “you are a complete wanker”

    • Ralph Twospirited Olson

      and Putin in my langauge means to POKE in da rear or front..PUTIN! PUTIN! Vladimir Putin :)

    • Tob Breogh


    • Judy Harders

      A new one for me. Thanks for adding to my vocabulary.

  • Jake Foster

    Is he serious?

  • Teresa Watson

    What??? What does being gay have to do with children

    • Zane Zirkle

      The evangelists from the USA tell other countries we molest and pick up kids and teach them to be gay. Scott Lively is the main one.

    • Teresa Watson

      oh good lord, that is the most preposterous thing I have ever heard. So we have preachers like Phil Robertson,

    • Sebastião Ribeiro

      he thinks every single gay is pedophile :/

    • Люцифер Пуристов Зла

      ironic enough most pedophiles are straight little-girl fiddlers

    • James Creason

      Don’t you know? ALL Gays are pedophiles!

    • Teresa Watson

      Well I have two gay sons, and they are definitely not pedophiles, I wish I could wring his neck for putting this statement out there.

    • Steven Gibson

      Zane Zirkle r u seriuos?

    • John Condron

      As is often the case with conservatives – everywhere – their excuse for these laws is to “protect children.”

    • Stephen Melott

      It’s that old line “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!” bull crap !

    • Kyle Maz

      Think of the children? They just want the children to grow up and be idiotic and brainwashed like them.

    • Toby Cox

      they think our mission in life is to revert children to homosexuality, like we would be able to do that. It’s also known as ignorance

    • Jokie X Wilson

      I think he revealed more than he intended. I bet he is reflecting on hos own childhood and doesn’t have the skills to work out what was done to him. This is all he knows and it was imprinted at a very young age, no doubt.

    • Alex Klebenow

      Well, as my partner James Creason said, [sarcastically] then his comment was removed and blocked by the Facebook police, Putin OBVIOUSLY believes in the conservative bigoted propaganda that all gays are pedophiles… FACEBOOK POLICE … DO NOT REMOVE THIS OR BLOCK ME… this is NOT the truth, nor is it what I believe, nor is it meant to be offensive or rude, it is a comment about how stupid people really are!!!

    • Mel Greene

      Nothing, but I’m assuming he wants them all so HE can fuck them.

  • Samantha Riley Fooce

    Duh…He’s such an overinflated idiot.

  • Javier Suarez

    yes, the children belong to the priests

  • Eric Moore

    You’re starting to crack, Putin…
    Someone get a bucket to hold all the toilet water!

  • Rosalie Brooks

    OMG, he is confusing pedophilia with gays…stupid

  • Antonio Canaan


  • Jessica Kent

    Why do close-minded idiots always assume that gays are pedophiles?! There are more straight ones than gay ones out there!!

    • Javier Suarez

      i would say 9 out of 10 pervs are straight…

    • Jody Stivers

      Per capita, heterosexual men molest kids at a higher rate than gay men do. The problem isn’t gay or straight – it’s MEN. But it’s not convenient to focus on that because men run the world.

    • Cory N Jamie Gilliam

      With Putin, it’s probably projection because sociopathic dictators always have dirty little secrets. They love absolute control which, if you ask any reputable psychologist, is what pedophilia is all about.

    • Hayden Frisco

      I just had to add this: it’s not just men that molest, rape or otherwise abuse, thank you. There are female offenders out there.

  • Stacey Emily

    Why the hell do people think we will “convert” kids. They are either born LGBTQ or not it has nothing to do with us. Geez wish people would get that thrpugh their think skulls.

    • Tim Murphy

      And even if being queer can be taught or is a choice, so what? I wish people would stop using the ‘we can’t help it’ argument, because it can just as easily be turned against us as for us. I tend to say: ‘I don’t care if it’s a choice. I don’t care if you’re uncomfortable. My life does not revolve around your ability to have an unquestioned state of things.’

    • Jessica Kent

      It’s not like we made a choice to be LGBTQ, we were born that way!

    • Kelly Madison Suarez

      They forget that we come from straight parents!!

    • Shannon Sha

      We were all once gay children surrounded by a multitude of straight “influence” on our sexuality. We “decided” to become gay, however, because of the rare gay person we say once or twice in our lifetimes. This is Putin’s reasoning. -_-

  • Patrick Billings

    What a fu$#in Idiot.

  • Jeff Chelsky

    Could this guy be any more ignorant?

  • Melissa Seidel

    What an idiot

  • Jose David Del Sol

    how can a person think about another person like that” child abuse comes first from parents and siblings not from gays” you stupid asshole” empty none sense President, don’t understand how a person that discriminate human differences had been elected as a President of a nation” very sad.

  • Georgie Ontario

    He should take his own advice and, for one instance, stop supporting his friends in Syria for gassing their children.

  • Samantha Rose

    This man makes me sick. His bigoted and condescending attitudes and views know no bounds.. -_-

  • Ivy Martin Blues

    Alas! Putin… Is crazy

  • Nathan Dominic Johnson

    Man! He’s dense

  • Fillipi Vieira

    You know that meteor that crashed somewhere in Russia and was all over the news? Well, it should’ve hit his house!

  • Melanie Howe

    Exactly! I agree Teresa Watson. Does he think we are contagious or something……????? He probably just doesn’t want them to be “influenced”. I mean we can’t have Russian children growing up to think it’s ok to be yourself. Fml

    • Shannon Sha

      Because being influenced on what our sexuality is definitely changes our sexuality. That’s why all that straight influence has made gay people straight…. errr umm. Yeah. Putin for the lose.

  • Perry G Aviance

    He lost he’s marbles…..

  • Jose Soto

    Can he be more ignorant? Wow!!!!

  • Geraldine Gorton

    Fuck him ignorant knob

  • Sandra Fictionnook

    oh, that’s right. All gays are also pedophiles. How silly of me. /sarcasm

    • Opal Koboi

      he doesnt want us to “turn” his russian breed-thats all.

  • Chris Armeli

    Lmao. Hes stupid

  • Prince Philippe

    What with children ????
    Gays and lesbian are not pedophiles !
    Putin, Asshole of the year !

  • Shane Spooner

    If you look up dickhead in the dictionary there’s a picture of him next to it

  • Paul Rivera

    Gay people are NOT pedophiles. Pedophiles are child molesters and they are all around you. How some one with that much power can be so dumb is beyond me.

    • Javier Suarez

      sacrifice the minority to retain power and redirect attention from real problems, it has been done before and is being done now

  • Brian Lance

    than u should change your laws,being gay has nothing to do with pedophilia like you think,its a huge wrong to think this.

  • Nicolás Borassi

    What a sad, sad person you are Putin.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    is he allowing catholic priests in then?

  • Michael Goodings


  • Rev. Janine Stock

    Boycott Sochi Olympics!!!!

  • Opal Koboi

    why?my plan was to go there and convince ALL of russias children to turn gay.bummer:-(((

  • Bruce Bennett

    facts and data show its heterosexuals that molest kids….

  • Priyadarshi Datta

    what!!!???what an idiot!!!people don’t make GLBT people! we were born that way! might molest your kid and make him/her gay!

  • Fourmen Alvin

    He’s an Idiot

  • Fourmen Alvin

    Don’t watch the games but support your team via social media. This is the most expensive games ever so if you don’t watch maybe Russia, Putin, Sponsors, and the Olympic commission will get the point.

  • James C. Jasion

    Now I understand Vlad!!! It’s all so CLEAR. You put that law into place so that you could assure that YOUR desire for children can’t ba acted upon. Well, I’ve got news for you. Just because the evidence points to the scenario that you yourself have been closeted since your early teens and remain in denial of YOUR hard-wired at conception sexual orientation and consequently have a stunted psycho-sexual maturity yourself resulting in your secret lust for underage boys, doesn’t mean that those of us who’ve worked out our coming out issues and despite the persecution by people like you have MATURED to gay MEN who are adults in our psyches, are the same as you. Vlad, you don’t fool anyone. You truly are PATHETIC. And by the way those SHIRTLESS photo ops of yours don’t make you like like a man; they make you look like the pusillanimous WORM that you are!

  • Aimee Babanto

    What’s this man talking about being gay is a disease???

  • Eileen Burns

    That seals the deal, I think the country should boycott those games.

  • Michaela Vlasáková

    WTF??? Being a gay is not a synonym for abusing children is my daily routine!!!

  • Toni G. Engle

    You fucking ferret…do you really think gays are coming to compete in the Olympics just so they can molest Russian children??? Someone needs to put this guy away for some serious mental therapy.

  • Richard Munns

    That Tosser should keep away from us not us away from children …, he’s probably doing it himself safely in his closet !

  • Franklin Wood

    So gays can come to Sochi and be themselves just not around children. Then after the Olympics Putin’s idiots can continue there human righta violations. Thanks for the welcome idiot.

  • Candice Bailey

    I think people like this feel this way and make these kind of statements because they are uneducated with anything to do with gay culture if they knew more about the gay community they would most likely have a better understanding of it.

  • Steven Ernest Plummer


  • Andrea Massari

    What does that mean? Wow. Misinformed.

  • Mary Frances O’Brien

    what an ass.

  • Megan Olson Martinez

    Ignorant ass! I think its a setup. Cancel the Olympics!

  • Bruce Bennett
  • Cal Miz

    Won’t be watching Sochi show. And won’t visit Russia. NO THANKS!. Don’t feel safe there…..m

  • Tim Murphy

    Memories of ‘stranger danger’ talks when I was a child. Even back then, I remember thinking: ‘It seems more likely it’s going to be someone you know, probably a family member.’ (Of course, try as some people did, no-one could convince me that family was this magic, unquestionable thing that you had to surrender your nerves and stomach lining to…if someone was a jerk and happened to share DNA, I did not hesitate to call them on being a jerk and choose not to associate with them…)

  • Robert Hadley

    who is going to protect the children from HIM?

  • John Fields

    …to be gay doesn’t mean automatically to be a pedophile Mr. Putin!!!!

  • Michael Higgins

    What a jerk. Maybe he should hook up with his American counterpart — Rick Santorum!

  • Mai Yag FellaGirlie

    Putin should feel welcome in America, but must leave farm animals at peace.

  • Joy Wesley

    Oh FFS – when will these people ever learn being gay means you like adults of the same sex – *adults* you ignorant twit, not children.

  • Maz Louw

    Stupid ass!

  • Opal Koboi

    well the most sexual abuse takes place in the own family-so how bout all straight people shouldnt be allowed to “approach” children???

  • Bob McIntyre

    Putin’s comments should be directed at the Russian Orthodox Church.

  • Robert Rose

    He is an ass

  • Richard Munns

    Putin likes bum sex too lol

  • Megan B Johnston

    Is he projecting his own pedophilia?

  • Raymundo Capetillo

    A shit is as a shit does. A man with that much power and yet the intelligence of a child. I SEE the connection now.

  • Jafar Hrmlani

    fuck you putin ?????????

  • Pup Equality McKeenan

    we do not target children you moron. priests and heterosexuals target children as sexual objects.

  • Aimee Babanto

    Why do people keeps on electing these narrow minded men???

  • J R Dios Martinez


  • Ida Brandwood Beller

    Dang gays. Leave the children alone. Lmao. What an ass

  • Shahab Shammas Isfahani

    Idiot…heterosexuals target children…I want me a real man..but not you!

  • Dustin Manley

    Another way of saying that we’re not welcome there, but our money is.

  • Andrew Harrington

    Fuck him

  • Mark Scourfield II

    I am sure Putin, and the Uganda President, would make a Lovely Couple, lmfao ;-)

  • Anna Kakhniashvili

    What a bloody idiot and a big ass….. heterosexuals molest kids, not gays… Putin needs to research more

  • Susan Nicol High

    Putin has done exactly what the Olympic Games try to avoid. He is using the games to further his own agenda. Well so can I. During the games I will not watch or buy products from sponsors. I will not buy anything with the label of Olympics on it. I may not have the political power he has, but I have the power of the American dollar. And not one of mine will go to that man.

  • Marylee Hicks

    Basic misunderstanding of the facts! Most pediphiles are married straight men!

  • Chris Graves

    Fuck You Putin!

  • Bonnie Berryhill McIntyre

    What an idiot!

  • Jason Tchaï

    Such a vile comment he has. What a backward individual.

  • Donald Fritsche

    How can someone so stupid lead a country? Oh wait! We had George W. Never mind!

  • Rick Boyd

    Leave children in peace, what the f..k is this idiot talking about.

  • Misty Wehrman

    So if because I’m a lesbian and that makes me a pedophile, then does that mean I shouldn’t allow heterosexual men around my daughters? People need to educate themselves for real. This guy is a complete moron!!

  • Ember Clay

    From a logical point I can see why they would want children to be adopted or raised by heterosexual couples or people for the sole purpose of reserving a majority of the traditional ways to bring up a child… But I don’t agree with this guy.. Also proven some children whether they be raised by a homosexual or heterosexual people sometimes end up being gay not because of their families but because of the environment and influence s their exposed too at a younger age and how they deem it right or wrong

  • Doug Arp

    Why do people assume that all gay people are child molesters? I just don’t get it. That’s what I think Putin means by “leave children in peace” Putin is completely out of touch!

  • Lindy Hayes

    What a failure as a human being and as a leader. It is so disappointing that people with no real intelligence become powerful and influence the masses.

  • John Xavier Anthony Ursabia

    He forbids competition! I see….

  • Yuki Tsukizaka

    Silly opinion, Putin…All athletes both gay and straight can create a great competition, give a wonderful brave and dream to children.

  • David William Humphreys

    Isn’t he getting a little mixed up between gays and paedophiles, ignorant man!

  • Cassandra Grindall


  • Cory Lawson

    The empirical research does not show that gay or bisexual men are any more likely than heterosexual men to molest children. This is not to argue that homosexual and bisexual men never molest children. But there is no scientific basis for asserting that they are more likely than heterosexual men to do so.

  • Cory Lawson
  • Paul Girard

    fucking cunt!!!!He cofusing pedophilia with homosexuality…he need a long long treatment into psychiatric hospital!!!!!!!!

  • Janell Elynn Smith

    Putin you’re confusing gays with PEDOPHILES! Get a dictionary!

  • Michael Brewer

    I, for one, will be absolutely boycotting anything to do with Russia and the Winter Olympics. Want nothing to do with his whitewashing of their crimes against humanity.

  • Darren Sanderson

    Nothing but a bigoted cunt. A relic.

  • Nemesys Nexus

    it’s hard to feel welcome in a country that glorifies HATRED and VIOLENCE towards you and your whole community! Hypocrite SOB!

  • Pam Ancona

    Sad that he is so ignorant or just trying to hide his own short comings.

  • Katherine Morris

    I’d rather stay home and not watch at all.

  • Christian Kennedy

    No one wants to go to that toilet of a country.

  • Lisa R Middleton

    okey dokie you are stupid.

  • Luis G Castellanos

    And this is because gay people go up to children, disclose they are gay and make them gay? Geez!!! What an idiot.

  • Cherie Cotone


  • Stephen De Chellis

    Well, English is not his first language. I guess that could explain why he is confusing pedophilia with homosexuality?

  • Divineanimal Paolucci

    nobody wants to play with your stupid, ugly, boring kids anyway. raise em right or not, just keep the little snotnoses away from me.

  • Diane Mangrum-Kirse

    Gay does not mean pedophile you idiot.

  • Marian Earley

    What, the fucktard idiot, Putin is a dictator

  • Together – people of all faiths, humanists, agnostics and atheists

    do straight people get to annoy the children?

  • Rolando P. Cabiluna

    Putin is sooo confused between gays and pedophiles? is he that ignorant?

  • Jody Stivers

    Putin operates from the assumption that if a little kid sees a gay person, he or she will emulate homosexuality and become gay. That is NOT how it works! I knew I was gay years before I ever saw another gay person or even knew there was a word for how I felt! This guy’s a relic and he’s not doing his people any favors by acting like a backward moron. He’s marginalizing homosexuals and treating them like third-class citizens and criminals. That isn’t healthy leadership — that’s bigotry and bullying.

  • Wayne AllcornBannatyne

    One word…Chikatilo.

  • Dustin Duvall-Black

    Leave children in peace? What the fuck is that supposed to mean? What a fucking dumbfuck

  • Ryan Marquette

    The law has nothing to do with sexual abuse, children are very important in russia so they do not want any people pushing any beliefs on them, president vladimir putin is a good man so why are you so quick to demonize him. Trust me russians are not homophobic

    • Trisha Jacobs

      Honey, the reports of beatings going on (often with video footage taken by the perps) would seem to indicate that you don’t know what you’re talking about. And, by the by, gays don’t push their “beliefs” on children.

  • Charles Hedgcroff

    Bombs and bigots. Awesome.

  • Klaus Vinther

    Go f**k you self nazi swine

  • Yaniv Ran

    Makes me want to throw up… :(

  • Brian Carroll

    No, this is not ignorance, this is mendacity.

  • Frank House

    $$$$ over Human Rights. Why…where have we seen this before…?? Pathetic, those entities and churches here in America who actively incite and promote discrimination and hatred in other countries need to be made fully accountable.Why is our government tolerating this hideous export while giving them special tax status as well???

  • Thomas Escott

    because you know, we all love the children!!! Damn, he is such an idiot…make sure he passes that along to Catholic priests too.

  • Jim Langford

    I would not feel safe attending and I think gay athletes and spectators are at risk. The games should have been immediately moved from Russia and the Russian govt foot the bill for having to go somewhere else. Future Olympic selections should be made only among nations where all are welcome

  • Christine Kyes Lundgren

    Seriously?? What an idiot!

  • Trisha Jacobs

    Oh yeah, being told that I’m a threat to kids really makes me feel welcome. F you.

  • Amy Elizabeth Kachelries

    We do????? Unless they’re our kids??? Gay ppl aren’t child snatchers.

  • Sebastião Ribeiro


  • Joseph Bartholomew

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I’m gay and I’m not attracted to children! Knowledge is power people and it will also help you look far less STUPID! Do these narrow minded idiots realize that straight people Murder, Molest, Rape and Beat kids ALL THE TIME!?!?! GET OVER YOURSELF AND EDUCATE YOURSELF!

  • Seth Evans

    He’s so full crap, he is just waiting to people in jail or have them killed.

  • Joe Piccard

    Really? He should be more concerned about the step fathers, boy friends and other straight men molesting children, that is a true problem.

  • Rob De Nazar

    Oh come on, leave the children in peace? are you equating being LGBT with molesting kids? molesting is almost always done by straight family and friends, don’t you know about this via your education Mister Putin?

  • Gareth Cattouse

    What a dreadful comment – doesn’t he know the majority of child molesters are straight. Wouldn’t go to Russia even if I was offered a night of bliss with the whole of the Red Army.

  • Ryan Jaymes Hunter

    LMFAO just couldn’t hold the laughter in!! Kind of just burst out!! Almost like a back handed compliment there Putin. Here’s one for you…. I love your country but its full of twats!!!

  • Becky Sheff-Witt

    Ignorant fool!

  • Gary D. Miller

    This us bullshit!

  • Natsumi Noirreservoir

    Deberian hacerle un boicot

  • David Dew

    Yes I don’t understand the rouse of using the poor innocent children and their susceptibility to homosexual behavior as to influence them to be gay as a valid defense of these policies. How ignorant people are as to the true nature of human sexuality that these people think it so learned that all people are potentially gay in that they only have to hear of it to become a homosexual. What they are really doing is denying our fellow queers especially youth the outreach they need to succeed in a hostile environment.

  • Lorenzo Ruiz

    You mean… guard them from the likes of you.

  • Suzy Bell Glover O’Hara

    Sounds like Putin and those in his government need to review current and valid research on the subject. Another case of ignorance and fear being used to discriminate.

  • Seán Campbell Harris

    This guy’s not ignorant, he’s dumb. You can’t teach a idiot. The only chance LGBTI Russians have is if an intelligent individual takes power. One that can at least be taught.

  • Felipe Villamil García

    We condemn the sin, not the sinner… they said hahahahaha

  • Genea Cunningham

    Darn and here I was looking to recruit some kids. What an idiot.

  • Frank Hebert

    Oh you poor ignorant thing. Bless your heart!

  • Joe Piccard

    And I was just thinking ” the next Olympics, what a great place to recruit the next wave of gays. Curse you Putin you’ve foiled my plot……

  • Kimberly Jones

    He’s afraid that we might inspire all the children in Russia.

  • Kimberly Jones

    He’s afraid that we might inspire all the children in Russia. That it’s OK to be Gay.

  • Liesl Kustermann

    Does he think being gay means you are a child molester? Is he serious? What an uneducated twit.

  • Jim Rosser

    Then he should not promote the torture his law is causing of innocent youth suspected of being gay or different. What a jack ass.

  • Ryan Marquette

    From reading the comments here it gives the impression that you people fly off the handle and act with brash stupidity… Please research about things before you make foolish accusations and voice your ethnocentric hate of people

  • Mark Iaconetti

    I’m only going to kill the straight ones!

  • Luca Fancello

    silly sod

  • Carmen Soky Vazquez-Rodriguez


  • Gladys Mateo

    Piece of shit idiot!!!’n

  • Mark Iaconetti

    Oh and FUCK OFF Ryan Marquette.

  • Mark Iaconetti

    Russians are and have always been losers!!

  • Patrick Hawkins

    We are welcomed as long as we leave the children in peace. Because of course the only reason gay people are attending the Olympics at all is so they can harass Russian children.

  • Joseph DiDio

    Fuck him and his country and the Olympics.

  • Mark Iaconetti

    And to think I was gonna give them a chance!!

  • Marie Havel

    that won’t be a problem…who is tending to the pedophiles, i wonder.

  • Angelique Alarcon

    Once more, being ignorant and stupid is free, I can only feel sorry for things (i can’t call him human) like this.

  • Mark Krasniqi


  • Sage Yelle Alixander

    PERVERT! PUTIN is the pervert to say something like this! F*&king PERVERT!

  • Matt Hammerquist

    I swear if i was a king and had my own army that government would be long gone

  • Chris Mueller

    Stupidity is forever, ignorance can be cured… let’s hope in his case it’s the latter, but somehow I doubt it!

  • Yvette Irwin

    Homophobes do not understand. Gay has nothing to do with wanting kids. Look at all the child molesters out there- mostly hetero men.

  • Tristen James

    What a dumb ass idiot.

  • Emma Vulpix Looshk

    How about he feels welcome in the rest of the world if he lays off the gays?

  • Chris Raven


  • Emma Vulpix Looshk

    He needs to drop dead.

  • Terry Hunter

    He’s a mess.

  • Faye Avalynn Fawkes

    Somebody tell this half-wit that he is thinking of pedofiles, not gay people.

  • Diane Wagner

    this guy needs a new dictionary

  • Garret Peach

    He needs to burn in the deepest pits of hell….that sorry sack of shit.

  • Roberta Echelson

    He has obviously confused pedophilia with sexual orientation/gender identity. Ignoramus.

  • Jordan A Dinero

    We need to focus on the countries where all homosexual behavior is punished with death or imprisonment. This is one of less violent laws. Yes it should be fought but there are others in more dire need.

  • Robert Brown


  • Deb Waggoner

    Wtf does that even mean?

  • Kelly Madison Suarez

    It’s not the gay who abuses them, is the straight!

  • Michael F Breen

    Excuse me DICKHEAD but straights are more inclined to be Pedo”s than gays

  • Jeffrey Alexander

    Fuck you, Vlad.

  • Jason Smith

    What does that mean as$&@@$$

  • Walter Abington

    The propaganda is to vilify LGBT as pedophiles. It’s the same tactic in America.

  • Jim Pattyn

    What an ass!

  • Robert Cuthbertson

    The ignorance of the church passing on its lies to damage homosexuals while they molest and abuse children from the pulpit. You learned well, Mr. Putin!!!

  • Tony L. Trulock

    What a real Dumb ASS!!!!!!

  • Helen Heath

    Another moron heard from.

  • Jason Thomas Davis

    putin must feel welcome in jail but must leave his body in pieces lol

  • Steven Gibson

    well it looks like we are all on the same page, I am absolutely gob smacked reading crap like this, being gay is about MEN, if you a gay man, or women if you a lesbian, it has absolutely nothing to do with children, and the correlation is repugnant & offensive to LGBTI

  • Whitney Kiesler


  • Dawn Ti

    I bet Pootin would have a child if he could get away with it. What a fucking idiot.

  • Mary Walker McCaffery

    Great non sequitur

  • Jessie Buss

    Somebody please take this idiot out.

  • Radu Bradu

    and this man was elected to rule a country? i dont want to live in this planet anymore…

  • Chris Bennett


  • Håkan Collin

    I do not understand what he is thinking gay people

  • David Plante

    This guys a retard

  • Ryan Marquette

    Cant you see that your comments are just giving cause to this law! just because you are mad does not give cause for bigotry, this is not the full and factual story, if you wish to fight intolerance you should research both sides then calmy and rationally voice your opinions, hate cannot cause justice

  • Tonya Gehrig

    The U.S. should boycott the games because of this idiot.

  • Deb Schofield

    Fucking moron!

  • Matthew Rosaaen

    Fuck you Putin…you should worry about their drunk abusive parents instead.

  • Stephen Holliday

    What an insult! I take it he means gays are pedophiles!

  • Rick Garcia

    not buying it and boycotting the games.

  • Peggy Meritt

    he is confusing gays with pedophiles, all he needs is a good education, and a gay son

  • Fernando Gantier

    What a freaking moron!!
    He’s the kind of douche bags that get elected to public office!!

  • Daniel Kent

    people will hopefully keep their kids away from her.

  • Alex Liebert

    Hhahaha “Pootin” … loving it!

  • Bruno Nsfw Paolo


  • Veronica Meek

    Putin is an ignorant idiot

  • Britney Stanley

    News flash, Putin! They do that already!

  • Janelle Russell

    Um…do they not understand the definition of “gay” vs “child molestor”?

  • Sarah Eva

    Stop talking about gay people! and do something about your nasty Russian Mafia and their fascination with the child sex slave trade — get your fucking priorities in order!

  • Stephen Melott

    We dont want your children, we want your athletes! #sarcasm

  • Sarah Eva

    You did say *LEAVE THE CHILDREN IN PEACE* — did you not????????

  • Tasha Allen

    LOL something’s gone missing during translation.

  • Pierre Paul Létourneau

    This guy, is all mixed up! he is in complete confusion! This issue has nothing to do regarding CHILDREN’ what an idiot !

  • Frank Stjerne

    Putin is welcome in Copenhagen if he leaves the children in pease and keeps hes hands away from the under age girls

  • Dorian Newton

    The twat. We’re not child molesters

  • Terry D. Smith

    I knew he was off, but didn’t know that he was this ignorant, most molesters are of the other persuation

  • Sarah Eva

    I want the entire world to shut the fuck up about LGBT they are not the problem and they are not hurting anyone! Now pedophiles on the other hand are a big fucking problem and they hurt everyone! It is way past time for the world to FOCUS their attention on the real the real problems that we face in our world today and all throughout history. Stop ignoring the facts and shoving your ill calculated agenda down everyones throat.

  • Blake Oncale

    Nobody wants your damn children.

  • Stef Deveraux

    ????? does the man think gays are kiddy diddlers???

  • Pandora Barney

    Wat a prick

  • Richard Lyons

    Hmm gays arnt safe they get the shit beat out of em

    do u think if kids are kept away from hearing about gays they won’t turn gay only thing this reel do is five up their suicide rate

  • David Bolinger

    I fully agree with this man .. why? … because it is their country and their laws. It is not the RIGHT of Americans to force their views, ideas, or opinions on another country. You have to understand what the man is saying, I do not believe in his language he is saying anything about pedophiles, you have to know meanings of words (the word propaganda does not mean having sex with). Please educate yourselves.

    • Jason Thomas Davis

      david its a shame they r torturing us so then it becomes human rights fuck thier laws. would you say the same shit to hitler which is the same way he started. well it was germany and they had the right to their own laws but doesnt make it right. nothing worse then your own people showing support for our enemies. traitor lol!

    • David Bolinger

      human rights? did you read a list of those? who wrote them? It is all a matter of perception. Different groups of people have been persecuted since the start of human kind, and it will continue on. My personal thought is that there is nothing wrong with not forcing same sex interactions on other peoples children, that should be their right to be able to take their child to something and not be exposed to that. For Hitler, I think he was a brilliant person, he just went about things a little wrong … what could be better than a place that was nothing but very attractive white people? sounds like it would have been a great place.

    • Jason Thomas Davis

      no one was forcing same sex on anything. you sound like a bigot. but its ok to force straight sex in front of children. your supposed to be on our side. nothing worse than a gay person trying to harm their own people. and the human right to exist without being beaten and murdered and jailed for just existing that is a human right. what r u going to say next homosexuality is a choice? get the fuck out of here with that. pic a side or go live in Russia if you like the way they treat their people so much. you must not have seen the torture and the murders of gay teens under age kids that go un prosecuted over their. thats the government breaking their own laws. Russia has strict laws on murder but all of the sudden its ok to murder gay kids. well if you support that your warped!

    • David Bolinger

      That is because they have not started the Olympics. that is their culture .. like it or not … and we as Americans should respect their wishes while in their country. I at no point said i think it is right … I am saying it is their right to do what they want in their country. What it boils down to is respect. If you are going to be in their country you should respect them and their wishes as they should ours when they are here.

    • Jason Thomas Davis

      he’s saying for the gays to leave kids alone like we r just child predators. if you agree with that then i dont know what the fuck is in your head. hes only saying that cause theyve been thinking of canceling the olympics. but you can be damn sure if they know your gay your going to be arrested. they’ll just say you looked at a child. IT IS HITLER ALL OVER AGAIN. respect their wishes? it sounds like you even believe us gays are going over there and are just going to kidnap their children. but us gays are not after children so their is no wishes to respect. you sound just like the gay haters. you must believe gays are child predators in which cause are you one???????? some wish to respect. one would have to be a predator to even respect that wish since us gays ARE NOT perverts unlike them who rape to teach us a lesson. your trying to be on the wrong side. that country can do what it wants as long as it doesnt harm people. and the only harm to people is coming from them. so if anyone needs to respect wishes then he needs to respect thee natural law of the right to live! your sounding just as bad if not worse than the westboro baptist church!

    • David Bolinger

      You honestly need to read what this story says to start with. If their are words you do not comprehend feel free to ask for someone to assist you in the definition and then the context it is used. If you have any proof of what you are talking about feel free to post links.other than that your feeble mind is not allowing you to comprehend what the story actually says. Once again i will point out I did not at any point say i think their beliefs are right … but it is their beliefs, not mine.

    • Jason Thomas Davis

      i dont need to its been all over the news for months.. i read it hes said for us gays to leave the children alone. i dont think that registering with you. you must think gays are child molesters too. your own people well thats real nice.

    • Jason Thomas Davis

      this shouldnt even be an argument among two gays!!!????? WTF! You know you stand alone on this post right scroll and read everyone elses post. then read yours then tell me what you sound like. A GAY HATER IS WHAT YOU SOUND LIKE!

    • David Bolinger

      Well .. now that i think about it … do you speak a second language? (chances re you do not because of being from Frankfort) In other languages they have different words that do not translate verbatim. As well as other countries have a better command of words (like here when people had class) so what you are hearing/reading is something that has been translated … so you have to trust how they interpreted what was said is actually what they said and or what them meant.

    • Jason Thomas Davis

      ok so i guess he didnt say that and the translator made it up! Just stop with lame argument.. nothing i hate more than a gay hater is a gay person who would through his own people under the bus! and im not from frankfort.

    • David Bolinger

      no they sound like they got their panties in a wad because they do not know the meanings of words. feel free to show me any definition of “propaganda” as any form of sexual act and i will more than happily eat my words. I did not read anywhere where the man said anything about pedophilia .. that is something some idiot came up with and the gay sheep jumped right in on the wagon.

    • David Bolinger

      look down the comments … i see all kinds of them with the word pedophile in them … where did that come from .. was not the story i read. It is times like this that I do not support gays .. if they want to sit there and lie and make things up … I do not condone that. That gives humans like me a bad name.

    • Jason Thomas Davis

      they are using that as an excuse. countless teens have been being raped and beating since the law and the government did nothing and allowed it thats the problem i dont geive a fuck about your look in the dictionary attitude to win an argument. the point is the law is allowing harm to inocent people and your supporting it! you can say what you want throught this that and everything under the sun with the biggest words you want to through in there and nothing is going to change the fact that you look like an asshole right now hating your own people!

    • Jason Thomas Davis

      OMG now your trying to argue about a fucking word as if it matters. its what he means that matters. it was just on the news saying the same thing. so im done with this argue with yourself and make yourself the biggest prick in the world for all i care. i support my people!

    • David Bolinger

      I take it you know him personally and you know what he means? even if the translation is a little off and they meant to say pedophile rather than propaganda … is that it?

  • Mike Skulltail Turtlebutt

    What the fudge??!

  • Geri Ayers

    He needs to be worried about heterosexual uncles, boyfriends, fathers, politicians if he is worried about pedophiles.

  • Fred Phelix

    He is a moron.

  • Judy Rivera

    Intolerance….games should have been changed.

  • Craig Sulser-Clark

    Is that what it is…they’re clinging to an archaic stereotype as if all gay people are child molesters? A little cultural education would help here.

  • Dan Leonard

    is this being sneaky ?? everyone is a child of their parents !!

  • Troy Godfrey

    Barbarian !!!

  • Myrna E. Agudo-Quinones

    It’s ok when they prostitute and sell their women. They have the nerve. Obviously he’s very misinformed about Gay people. This just proves it!

  • Kimball Bergeron

    Boycott all sponsors of the Olympics! And screw Putin!

  • Aaron Shelton

    like all rulers in Russia, his day will come when they arrest him for something and he spends his last days in a siberian gulag.

  • Myrna E. Agudo-Quinones

    Gays should ve boycotted the Olympics

  • Anne Schmitt

    Hasn’t anyone taken the time to educate this creton that it is straight people who mostly molest children!

  • Andrea Massey-Simon

    Dumb ass

  • Jessica Naomi

    Vladimir Putin is going further than Hitler, “Nazi officials ordered that foreign visitors should not be subjected to the criminal strictures of the Nazi anti-homosexual laws”

  • Ralph Twospirited Olson


    • Ralph Twospirited Olson

      and goooodmorning folks..we will win..hang in there :)

  • Ladora Leggett Cumbie

    Um gays don’t bother ya kids but perverts do an shut up

  • Jose Longoria Jr.


  • Jan Burke

    Oh, for heavens sake! Moron.

  • Brittany Noelle Maky

    Seriously what gays cause children to turn gay BULL!!

  • Donna Ealy

    Why? They could give them some good advice on how to be loving, productive& a wonderful human being. Teaching acceptance & peace. Russia’s young people should be so lucky.

  • Meg Herweier

    it’s not the gays who go after children you idiot, it’s straight men, like you!

  • Phoenix Lopez Harman

    Gay people make better parents!

  • Luis H. Lopez

    Your government attacks gays your straight people harm children you imbecile!

  • Robert Krout

    David Bolinger yes it’s his country but what about the gays being kidnapped, abused, raped and murdered?

  • Miquel Puchol Sánchez

    lo que yo te diga…menuda mamarracha armarizada!

  • Shann Longhurst

    The very definition of feeling welcome is being in a country that puts you in jail for being gay. Well I guess it could be worse, you could be killed for being gay. :/

  • Judith Fleming-Berger

    Since being gay has nothing to do with children it shows how ignorant Putin is about gays. What an ass.

  • Tonio Delia

    what does the word GAY has to do with children …poor sick putin

  • Oliver Grannis

    And the Olympic committee is okay having the games in Russia. Shame on all of you. Putin’s self loathing must be so extreme, he can’t think clearly.

  • Chuck P. Kass

    Behind the Iron Curtain there was a piece of glass, when Vladimir sat upon it he broke his little…….

  • Erin S. Albright

    well then keep the pedophiles away from the kids because I have yet to meet a gay person who was a pedophile. dumbasses, those russian politicos

  • Paul Caporino

    Gays don’t mess with children. Pederasts mess with children.

  • Arlindo Godinho Ormonde

    Your the one that needs to stay away form the children .

  • Roxanne Veronica Bartlett


  • Mika Rae

    Clearly I missed the memo that explained how homosexuality and pedophilia are one in the same. What an ignoramus!

  • Gail Ryder

    Why don’t you leave gays in peace you asshole.

  • Kim Morgan

    Gay people and pedophiles are NOT the same thing!!!

  • Desmond James

    Such idiocy !!!!!!

  • James Rozier

    It’s a start!”

  • ER Franco

    Sounds like someone got molested by a straight man when he was a child. Not going to say who, Putin…

  • Libbie Givens Neale


  • Nicholas Equality Johnson

    Whatever dumb ass fuck off

  • Joe Kinney

    Dumb fuck

  • Anne Morris-Dadson

    I worry about gay Russian children? They have no support.

  • Cory N Jamie Gilliam

    gay=child molester? Oh shut up Putin! you lost! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Thats the sound of the poor closeted baby dictator cryin’. He needs to go grieve in a corner with his favorite comfort food- Sausage on a warm bun!

  • Pat Uihlein

    Putin: I’m a walking, taking contradiction and I don’t plan on changing public policy ever.

  • Yvonne Cruz

    Is he kidding????

  • Andy Quach


  • Toby Cox

    Damn, I’m sure he just ruined the plans of all kinds of gay people by making them leave the crying brats alone while there

  • Harry Gorkin

    that’s right that’s what priests are for

  • James Stephen Longo

    So adults are fair game, Vlad? Like, for example, you?

  • Jason Benzinger

    I wonder why he has such disdain for us. Could it be he was raped or abused in some way by a gay man or woman (or even a straight man for that matter) and now is traumatized by the event and is assuming every gay person is an abusive prick? Or he is just an ignorant ass? Idk. I’ll just leave this comment here and let you all enjoy yourselves :)

  • Joseph Chiffano

    Really? What planet did this guy fall from?

  • Henry Benison

    GOD, you’re a fucking idiot! Sorry about the curse word, but SERIOUSLY!

  • Jackie Iuliano

    Oh the old pedo argument, doesn’t it get old to be completely wrong all the time?!Careful Putin you’re flashing your inhumanity again

  • Rose Anne

    What in the world isPutin smoking??? He needs to read more and educate himself on the LGBT community.

  • Cotton Batte

    Ignorant man. Abused as a child.

  • Chad Michael

    putin you are one very strange person!

  • Chrissy Yow

    Uh? What? Who does he believe is going to show up? Dahmer and Gacy?

  • Donald Pothier Bessette

    FOOL! Enough said!

  • Robin Elaine Mattocks

    WTF does he mean? Ignorant idiot!

  • Ginno Gavira Agamez

    He is compleraly CRAZY, they are the wors european country in DDHH and the LGBT situacion there prove it!!!

  • Deanna Long

    Fuck him, fuck his hairy priests and fuck his olympics.

  • Jason Sprouse

    Mr. Putin you can not group homosexuals in the cat. With pedophiles. It is a proven that the vast majority of child molestation comes from straight males and some females and then is usually a close family member.

  • Barry Glatt

    My my, doesn;t that say it all about how stupid and homophobically paranoid this asshole is? So typical of people who see us as stereotypes, who have also created all kinds of “facts” based on nothing more than their own paranoid delusions.

  • Stephen James Frost

    There’s a four letter word that begins with C that is appropriate for seriously horrible people. However, in Putin’s case- a word like that would be a compliment- because he is the lowest form of scum that this world can produce.

  • Wes Babcock

    WTF? We should just boycott the damn games!

  • Jesus Suarez

    So if people are heterosexual, They are allowed to have sex with Russian Children?? Is that what he wants? I don’t get it? What an ASSHOLE!!!

  • Marcia Sachs

    What ?????? Educate him! Most pedophiles present themselves as STRAIGHT!

  • Marty Apodaca

    Once again an idiot speaks. How does someone rise to power with that mentality? I’m still baffled at this day and age.

  • Robert Searcy Brooks

    Sorry to upset your preconceptions, but the great majority of pedophiles are straight.

  • Kimberly Wright

    What an Ass-whole!!
    God, how can anyone elect these pricks
    We have them here too, they are called Republicans!!

  • Kimberly Wright

    Gays don’t molest children idiots
    Pedophiles don’t and they aren’t Gay.. People are so fucking stupid

  • Jean-Pierre Lachewitz

    Was für ein INGNORANT und IDIOT.homosexelle sind KEINE pédophilen.wie vielle kinder werde bei” Hétérosexuelle Famille Missbracht”Putine du Bist KEINE VORBILD SONDERN der Großte Abschaum diese Planet.BOYCOTT SOCHI.

  • Victor Kovacs

    Oh, and if you don’t mind, just keep this pink star pinned to your lapel at all times and make sure it’s visible. The delousing station is at the end of concourse B.

  • Jose L Rodriguez-Olveira

    This man is an idiot, it is the gorgeous Russian men who should be worried, gays don’t like children. Gays like men. He thinks like a paedophile. Children should be worried about him.

  • Bruce McLean

    That’s not what your law says, Pooty Poot!

  • Linda Ewing

    We’re gay not pedafiles-90% of whom are straight-the other 10% are preists

  • Rusty Burrell

    Hell no!

  • John De Salvio

    Vlad: “Don’t go near those kids! They’re MINE! Yum!”

  • Ashley Bishop

    I’m pretty sure my fiancée and I are not pedophiles!

  • Ashley Bishop

    And I want to underline that sexual orientation has nothing to do with pedophilia, a sick state of mind does

  • Sophie St-Claire

    the gays has nothing to do with pedophilia…

  • Aaron Dickison


  • Wayne Daubney

    Being gay has nothing to do with pedophilia. A sick mind does. Most pedophilia is heterosexual in nature and the majority occurs within the family

  • Jen Kirk

    Yes that’s us – spreading propaganda – idiots

  • Gilbert W.e. Young

    Fuck Russia

  • Jennifer Stanberry

    Vladimir Putin can fuck himself.

  • Daven Gibbons

    What about the Olympians who are gay and minors? What an idiot!!

  • Jeff Geddes

    He’s an asswipe.

  • Bode Gibbs

    Where does this son of a bitch think gays come from? They are BORN gay, dumbass!]

  • David Hackney

    Sorry but this is it. I won’t be watching any Winter Olympic coverage. What a freaking asshole.

  • Raymond Diaz

    What a poor sick coward

  • Anthony Delaporta

    They’re trying to keep homosexuality away from their children so that the future generation will have the same views as them

  • Jordan Novoa

    He should be in a starburst commercial because he’s a walking contradiction.

  • Andrew Stow

    Yes, because the first thing I do when getting off the plane in Russia is shove my d*** up a kid’s a**.

  • Dara L Overmoyer

    Putin still have sicko !!! period !!!

  • Joseph Hardin

    What a hypocrite. His enacting of that hateful law has harmed more kids than anything anyone else in that backwater country has ever done.

  • Clinton Rusthoven


  • Elwynn Equality Ravenscrafte

    Does this bozo not get that pedophilia and homosexuality are different things???

  • Paula Falzarano

    So if any gay Olympic looks at a child , off to jail, I will never go to Russia, won’t be watching the Olympics either, I’m a Lesbian with 3 sons and they are all Straight, oh noo. Your an idiot dude

  • Sandra Eitler-baldwin


  • Judy Harders

    He still has that stupid belief that gay men are pedophiles- that is what the ol’ homophobes like to preach. Shocking turn of events. Bet it will change after the Olympics- there is already a travel warning from the State Department.

  • Chad Baker

    What are you afraid of Vladmir, you haven’t had your chance to get to the kids first? He is so disgusting and vile. BTW, you have man boobs you closet case.

  • Christina Auer

    Seriously, when are people going to get over this homophobic idiocy & accept each other? This shit got old a LONG time ago. There is NOTHING wrong with being different, we’re ALL people. Let’s move on, shall we? This is infuriating!!!!

  • Madeline Bailey

    Sod off you wanker!

  • Martin Kernick

    What a tosser.

  • Christina Auer

    Also, influencing children to accept LGBTQ people is a GREAT thing. I love everyone. <3

  • Mélanie Lebrun Goudreau

    If children aren’t in peace, it’s not because of someone else homosexuality but because you think they’re pedo.

  • Kris Swenson

    I was just telling my partner last night that I have a bad feeling about these Olympics. As a gay woman I am seriously worried about the safety of all of our athletes PERIOD! I am on the fence as to whether we should even attend. Who knows what will/won’t happen but I am just afraid there is a hidden agenda and we as a nation will be tried to get pulled into something.

  • Christina Auer

    Also, due to this, I won’t be watching the Olympics this year, I will be watching Girl Meets World.

  • Laura Tek

    Simply fuck Russia!

  • Stacie Ann

    Should we gas him? Lol

  • John Micah Pickering

    Putin has his head filled with borscht, because if his head were full of brains, he’d know he’s totally wrong.

  • Darrin Timothy

    I would love to have sex with Putin and convert him. Hey one more convert and I get a free toaster!

  • Bill Biggers

    WTF? Never heard of an LGBT troubling a child; however, Have heard of pedophiles drawn to both innocent girls and boys – children. LGBT are attracted to other LGBT (contemporaries), period. Poot-in is stunningly ignorant; obviously he’s hanging on to ancient misconceptions, unwarranted old disproved fears… sadly to his country’s remarkable detriment.

  • Sean Payne

    Putin Is a Closet Case in my eyes.

  • Ken Aucoin

    Sure wish someone would take this man out

  • Laura Hanson


  • Herbert Maton

    He should lay off the vodka.

  • Mercury Ryoko Frazier

    Wut. I don’t think Putin is thinking clearly here. Make laws to condemn a set of peoples and then say they are welcome as long as they don’t do something that is a ridiculous myth. Really, Putin? How is this being a leader? He’s full of more misdirection than a magician.

  • Christopher Santos

    this much hate, must mean he was molested as a child

  • Shannon Sha

    What about gay children Mr. Putin?

  • Terry Barrett

    Wow, ignorant.

  • Eliese Besemer

    Great. So gays should leave children alone, but pedophiles can have free access. Perfect. What a schmuck!

  • Paul Pasanen

    what??? Massive ignorance … and these people run countries… watch out folks stupidity rules.

  • Aleem Mohammed

    He is a fooooooool

  • Unmesh Uttaraa Dublay

    Can I please now hit him, Dumbledore?

  • Richard Savedra

    Gays are not pedophiles. Putin needs to stop conflating the two.

  • Pearl Nolan

    OMG! Really?! Someone needs to be schooled! WTF?!

  • Sandy G. Masterson

    What the hell is that suppose to mean?

  • Kimmy Jessica Guariglia

    You can’t just decide to be gay. Like wtf you’re either born gay straight or bisexual

  • Christopher Brown

    Mixed up and ignorant about LGBTQ. Russia is back to the future again. They just traded Communism for rigid Russian Orthodox Church! Some things just never change!

  • Richard C. DeArmond

    He is right on not associating with children (i.e. pedophillia). Outside of this, I disagree with his policy on gays.

  • Al Stancombe

    Putin suffers from Wet Brain (to much Vodka) !

  • Al Stancombe

    Is he insinuating that gays molest children because studies have proven overwhelmingly that heterosexuals (Like Putin) commit these crimes.

  • Synstelien Ben

    His mind is so warped!!!!

  • Sundeep Khatri


  • Tanner Sabourin

    Fuck him shot him in his ignorant face stop taking the world back 60 years!

  • Dan Walker

    This is a very common misnomer our community receives from most republicans and tea partiers that we are placed on this earth to abuse children. You know it’s part of our agenda (not)! Putin believes in this misnomer. It is so funny that most of the countries that gives America the most problems are anti-gay ones such as Russia, Iran, etc. Go figure!

  • Barry Dandreano

    Oh come off it you creep…gay DOES NOT=pedophile!!!

  • Mike Bray

    Piss off you hate mongering homophobe

  • Amy Warren

    Oh no! The children will learn to be gay! Because 12 years of marriage taught me to be……..wait.

  • Synstelien Ben

    I read, which in your case you don’t.

  • Shari Lynn

    what a scary idiot..

  • Edward M. Handlin III


  • Synstelien Ben

    David get some education. Read a book or two or three.

  • Vito Sechi

    putin chi ??????? bhooo !!! ….

  • Synstelien Ben

    David is in full support of gays when it comes to gay porn, his profile is full of it.

  • Buster Daily

    Fuck you, Putin. I hope your Olympics is a massive failure and you are humiliated in front of the whole world. And then die.

  • Bernadette Hoban

    Fuck you

  • Carlos Ayala

    putin is like a rash that never heals

  • Agatha Desmond

    Kiss off, ass-hole.

  • Claudia Britt

    He is no better than duck dynasty!

  • Alan Ngo

    Lol wtf, that was really stupid

  • Matthew Wallace

    What a jerk this makes me hate his country even more.

  • Janice Klasek Harrah

    Pedophilia is overwhelmingly committed by straight people.

  • Sarah James

    We aren’t pedophiles you dumb, ignorant fool!

  • Stephanie Collins Mitzenmacher

    What do gays have to do with bugging children? Putin is an idiot and knows absolutely nothing about child predators.

  • Linda Snyder

    Total douche.

  • Lori Carruthers

    Fuck off!

  • Maria Colls

    What a hateful person.

  • Dale Mulkey

    what a fucking idiot

  • Katerina Mekon

    He should be more concerned with protecting the children from an actual threat. Gay people don’t try to recruit children. They just deserve equality. Fuck Putin. Fuck the Olympics. Fuck the Olympic sponsors that turn a blind eye. Pathetic

  • Renan Miranda Ramos

    lol. his clearly kidding…

  • David Casson

    Doesn’t this asshole know the difference between gays and pedophiles? They are not the same thing and the majority of pedophiles are heterosexuals.

  • Letterwolf Wezel

    What an idiot! He dhould send out that warning to all those dress wearing priests over there and other perverted (usually heterosexual) delinquents who grab kids.

  • Letterwolf Wezel

    Well said Katerina!

  • Toni Massari

    The fact that he assumes gays are paedophiles says a lot about HIS proclivities, do you not think? I mean… gay men like MEN! Lesbian women like WOMEN. Bisexuals like WOMEN AND MEN… which part of this involves a `child? Just because RUSSIA IS THE HUB OF PAEDOPHILE PORN it doesn’t mean the rest of the world is, Mr Putrid!

  • David Gerry

    What a piece of shit fucking moron. So sorry about the curse words but he deserves it.

  • Harold Marmon

    Wtf…such an idiot.

  • Angela Gustafson

    Is this one of those things where there aren’t separate words for two different things in a language? Because if it is, then I nominate ‘pedophile’ as a borrow word for the Russians so they can differentiate between homosexuals and child-molesters.

  • Heidi Hopkins

    Huh? Not aware of roving packs of gays harassing children. Twit.

  • Steven Leiphart

    Is it Putin’s fault, or is it the “great white missionary, priest, pastor that keeps pushing this agenda here and else where in the world? I smell double Rats!!

  • Alan Estes Jr

    F u idiot

  • April Casper

    they are sick minded people….. for real, if that’s the case I was made gay by straight catholics…. maybe they should leave the children alone!!!!

  • Elizabeth Bassett

    He just can’t win. He’ll allow gays and show that the fear is behind the dated notion that connects homosexuality to pedophilia.

  • Mizuki Kurai

    People should get away from Putin. He’s a monster. Or a pedofile cause he wants all the children to himself.

  • Eric Dixon

    Ponderous retard.

  • Lizzie DeSade

    Talking out of both sides of his mouth.

  • Reed Sandra


  • Gaétan Nadeau

    On s’en câlisse des enfants !

  • Karri Wilson Sunderman

    evidently Putin doesn’t know the difference between a gay person and a pedophile

  • Rachel Rose

    He believes the stereotype, that gay people are auromatically child molesters.

  • Ari Zighelboim

    They must leave the children… to orthodox priests and pedophile politicians like him, he actually meant.

  • Denise Tharp


  • Joanna Mandell Tipple

    What an ignorant thing to say.

  • Celtic Priest

    I’m beginning to suspect PUTIN is the pedophile. He is as obsessed about this subject as Pat Robertson is about gay men.

  • Jorge A. Melendez


  • Jean Michel Chasseur

    What a complete asshole to even insinuate anything like that, when most child molesters are straight.

  • Jason Gonzalez

    Since when were gays classified with pedophiles? Secondly how does he even make sense with all the beatings and police abuse on gays there?

  • Daniel Burns

    This guy is a asshat

  • Steph James

    “F” Him!!!!!

  • Mary Grimm

    This guy is such an A*****le

  • Glorya Galicia

    He’s a Scumbag and deliberately confusing the issues.

  • Cory Jackson

    WHAT? so then repeal the propaganda law ! I wont visit Russia until they do !

  • Caroline K Ko


  • Kev Teym Vere

    No concept of the real world. Russia lead by an uneducated man, not much hope for the country then is there.

  • Ian Louis Hall

    CHILDREN?!! I think this troglodyte jackass is confusing homosexuality for pedophilia. Not only are they unrelated, pedophilia is virtually the sole domain of heterosexual men. Does this homophobia-driven bullshit ever end?

  • Paul Bruce

    Putin should be left in pieces.

  • Nancy Keyes

    I had no idea that being gay meant you were a pedophile! What a MONSTER!!!

  • Apollo Neptune

    fucking dik head

  • Zio Nocsg de Janeiro

    why is he so fixated with gays and children????

  • Zio Nocsg de Janeiro

    Sebastião Ribeiro: he is a scared uneducated moron

  • Trip Wag

    Let’s nuke him

  • Mikol Furneaux

    Putin the pervert

  • Molasses Jones

    omg… someone HAS to do a response video to this! PLEASE! we’ll air the best on Sweet TV! if you send it to us…

  • Mike Phillips

    why so he can rape them???

  • Mike Phillips

    let’s start a world-wide message that Putin is a pedophile and rapes boys and girls … pass it on

  • Michael Anthonyipapo Cruz RN


  • Edward Pinyor Hutchings

    There are some pedophiles that are homosexual, so he has a point to make, regardless if it sounded mean at the time.

  • Julie Martini


  • Roger Prescott

    Putin Is A Sick Idiot! Thought Russia was doing better…sadly, it’s as bad and as backwards as it ever was. I don’t care what kind of concessions he makes now. I won’t be watching the Olympics this time. I won’t be buying any of the commemorative stuff or any products that are official sponsors of the Olympics this time. I can’t believe the cop out of the IOC either…. I’ve lost a lot of respect for the Olympic Games themselves as well as their governing board. They obviously do not care about the Olympics being a success once they’ve awarded the games to a country/city/metro area…It’s their problem after that. They just sit back and rake in the money. Disgusting.

  • Michael Aymard

    Putin is a pedophile !!

  • Arath Jacquez

    Whate the fuck; There are more heterosexual men that rape children and women, why the fuck they dont do something about that? ;

  • Sergio Morgendorffer

    Yeah, because gays like little children… I was VERY nervous about that… Yeah right… -_- He can’t see the difference between love and abuse…

  • Tamala Rikki

    He sounds like Gov Corbet!!!

  • Thomas Holz

    Über Schwul-/Lesbisch- Sein muss in Russland sehr viel gesprochen werden. um viele Missverständnisse, Mythen und Legenden auszuräumen. Russland hat Aufklärung bitter nötig!! :-)
    Schwule/Lesben sind eben k e i n e kinderfressende Monster! :-)

  • Adam Wesley Storey


  • Sean Hartigan


  • Dis Charge

    He should feel welcome to die in a fire

  • Albert P Krohn

    Boycott Now

  • Marsha James

    Ignorant idiot!

  • Jocelyn Pazzi

    What à jerk à real shame

  • Molly Doherty

    So Putin just assumes all gay people are pedophiles?! WTF…

  • Sammy Stills

    He’s the threat to the children.

  • Sue Frampton

    He just worried that someone will find out he is gay and it will ruin his macho image.

  • Max Bruno Dahlberg

    Putin: SUCK MY D*CK!!!

  • Terry Royer

    Stupid prick!

  • Meggington Linger

    Why doesn’t he tell that to the Roman Catholic church.

  • Shondolyn Gibson

    Stupid. Might as well ban the church from Russia because how many children have been molested by churches who just hide this fact from the public?

  • Nola Shiver Brelig

    WHAT ???

  • Ashlei Ross

    Omg so what does being gay have to do with children?

  • Cindi Strong

    What an airhead! You couldn’t pay me to visit this country with such an ignorant leader!

  • Dale Goode

    he eats children for breakfast ……lol

  • Christine Radtke

    This little bastard really irritates me!

  • Bill Torres

    Oh, putin is a puta!

  • Aida Gates

    He is an idiot……….. Where is Keith Olberman when we need him?????

  • Rex Barbatus

    What if gay people come with their own children? He’s such a nit-wit.

  • Linda Zahavi

    This guy is so homophobic makes you wonder…is he gay and trying to hide it?

  • Jean Raley-Dennis


  • Michael Smith

    What an idiotic thing to say. Don’t worry will not be coming there anytime soon anyway. So you don’t have to worry about me cooking up and eating any children. Oh or did you mean something else dumbass.

  • Lorraine Farrell

    meanwhile, back in Russia, gay citizens are being beaten, tortured kidnapped and killed while Putin declares his country safe for gay people.

  • Ashleigh Jennifer Macfie

    It’s like he thinks us LBGT people just want to turn the whole world gay. Wouldn’t that be boring. Let people be who they want to be, don’t hide something just because it makes you uncomfortable. What about those minors who rely on the so called “propaganda” to help them with their own internal struggle with their sexuality? And technically in a round about way he is currently on a heterosexual relationship propaganda spree. Isn’t that a little ironic? Let people be proud of who they are and give them the chance to celebrate themselves no matter who they are or who they love

  • Arthur Eldridge

    Putin wants the kids for his use…for him to think what he is thinking he has it all wrong..

  • Lily Lamb

    OMG!!!!! How ignorant is this man!!!! Does he ever read in his spare time and hold an intellectual humanistic discussion with anyone!!! Russia must bow their head in shame for choosing this uneducated man as their leader

  • Claude Pelletier

    You know nothing about gays peoples….IGNORANT! Me, i have absolutely NO attraction for 20 y.o. neither younger! No way!

  • Ed Solenberger


  • Claude Pelletier

    You gonna demolish many lifes because of your IGNORANCE.

  • Todd Parrish Schulthies

    He obviously thinks gay people are child molesters…thus, his medieval thinking on the whole subject

  • John Houston

    Children should be worried about Priest more than Gays.

  • Mark Gilley

    We need to protect children from Putin!

  • Roberto Murphy

    What a STUPID some of you said what? do children have to do with this…..

  • Victor Ortiz

    There are no gender identities s in child molesters….

  • Mike Domínguez

    well I think that we can all agree in him with that, but pedophilia is not just an issue that gays have to shamefully deal with but an even more so rampant issue for heterosexuals. singling out gays as predators is offensive, disrespectful and encourages hate, intolerance and violence against GLBT people. When Putin makes an official statement stating this OBVIOUS fact and denouncing the violence against GLBT Russians then, and only THEN. maybe he will gain a little forgiveness and perhaps save a little face.

  • Janus Chambers

    A nation of hicks, ran by a hick.

  • Jessica Lynn O’Connor

    Clearly he is uneducated

  • Kate Anatole T.

    Another Lie !!!

  • Elena Rifat Hakimova


  • Liz Bonney-Heermann

    Ignorance, plain and simple.

  • Kim Grinolds-Gibson

    ignorance….plain and simple

  • Belli Jair Salcedo Holguin

    what are you talking about? YOU LEAVE CHILDREN IN PEACE!

  • John Bell

    A distorted mind or does he have a thing for children?

  • Crystal Nelson

    That doesn’t make any sense?

  • Moira Ryan

    such an unintellegent asshole

  • Scott Winkler

    Ass, idiot, jerk. . .

  • Jill Sophia

    “Scratch a homophobe and you will find a closet case.” — Anon.

  • Kathleen Stewart

    How offensive!!!

  • Fineesha Shardonnay

    What a Fuckwit.

  • Michael Jackson

    Vlady, honey, kiss my ass.

  • Erik Lee Henriksen

    Some of the biggest closed minded people around are the Liberal Left! Talking bad about Christians, Catholics and anyone else with morals and traditional values! “Bigotry” we see it to often on the left!

  • Dale Chapman

    Such profound ignorance !!!!

  • Hector Manuel Pagan-Serrano

    He is partly right because not all but many gays actually molest children. However it is not only some gays that molest children but also some heterosexuals molest children as well,

  • Tom Fennell

    Going down, like his pal Berlusconi…..

  • Sylvan Rose

    Most pedos identify as heterosexual.

  • Scott Edward Quinton

    This guy was so obviously abused as a kid

  • Tammy Musgrove

    Oh, just HUSH, Tootin’! Just when I think he can’t say anything more ignorant…he knocks one out of the park.

  • Jacqueline Middleton

    He’s probably as gay as a roomful of monkeys… Wait and see where his eyes go when he’s out watching the different sports…

  • Maya Finlayson

    Can someone please translate what he’s saying? I don’t speak Putin.

  • Mackenzie Brown

    The hell!?!? What are all gays pedophiles!?!?

  • Elizabeth Brown

    Damn he needs to get a new PR team. Also become informed most of the pedophiles are heterosexual not gay. Why is he so obsessed with gays? Really do you think that makes a gay person want to come to the Olympics? Damn it gives me the creeps.

  • Ralph Morgan Lewis

    still playing the old theme of gay = pedophile. what crap!

  • Penny Ehrhardt

    What about my child? I’m gay.

  • Marlon Claycomb

    Piss OFF, Putin!!!!! Jackhole!!!!!

  • Minet Aileen Alvarez Carrillo

    Come on Putin!! Really? You need therapy!

  • Tammy Langerak

    Is this man mentally qualified to be head of any country?

  • Scott Anderson

    That is not accurate neo Nazi in Russia torturing and killing them that’s a load of shit

  • Wendy Wilson Smith

    Needle dick bug fucker!

  • Tony Mendes

    So all the straight pedophiles are welcome!

  • Kevin Gettmann

    No Mr Putin….it’s the straight people who are the child molesters! You dumb asshat!

  • Lena Chiara Kleinschmidt

    I think he should leave Children in Peace

  • Rebecca Blubaugh

  • Sirian Siren

    Uhhh, if that’s the case, please explain why i date and prefer OLDER WOMEN…

  • Sirian Siren

    siriusly Vladickmir Put-it-in is a frelling twit.

  • Troy Chartier

    What a complete ass.

  • Alexceeia Dee


  • Britt Saunders

    Leave Russia’s children in peace, you pig. How about an international investigation into the horrific conditions children living in Russian orphanages suffer???

  • Malek Aljfa

    No one want to be in your ridiculous country and what the hell can some one be that stupid….

  • Tyrone Dee

    What a complete and utter idiot !

  • Andrés G A-l

    I dislike children. They need to leave me alone.

  • Sean Michael Kelly

    And somewhere, in Russia, another brain cell died from lack of use….

  • Lauren A. Nieves

    Its a trap!

  • Kev K-Smith Vvsva

    What on earth has being gay got anything to do with children? Does he think every gay is a paedophile…I think he’ll find the majority of Paedo’s are straight!

  • Joseph Misseri

    Did people forget to tell him that most pedophiles are straight…what a moron

  • Laura Ashley

    well they rate movies to protect kids, even if straight people are having sex, so i get it

  • Tyler Bruber


  • Shawn McCalister

    This is a total BS!

  • Gail Prentiss Nelson

    How ignorant!!!!!

  • Rachael M. Clulee

    I guess it’s true what they say:
    Ignorance Begets Ignorance!!! SMH :/ :/ :/

    There’s a huge difference between Being Sexually Abused & Being Gay–In Being Gay, Sex Is A Choice–In Sexual Abuse, It Isn’t!!! :o :o :o

    Furthermore, Being Gay Has Nothing To Do With Being Attracted To Children–That’s What Pedophelia Is All About–Yet Somehow, Uneducated People Seem To Equate Being Gay With Being A Pedophile–And It’s Bc Of All Those Priests Who Used To (And Probably Still Do) Sexually Abuse Children!!! :o :o :o

  • Rachael M. Clulee

    Global News shared the following link and had this to say about it:

    A document obtained by The Associated Press shows Pope Benedict XVI defrocked nearly 400 priests over just two years for molesting children.

    The statistics for 2011-12 represent the first time that the Vatican has provided details on the number of priests who have been defrocked. Prior to that, it had only revealed the number of alleged cases of sexual abuse it had received.

    My Response:

    Stephen Harper gave a vague unfelt apology to the Native people of Canada for the physical & sexual they suffered while in Residential School–I think it would help in their healing process if the Vatican–The Pope Himself–visited Canada & gave a public apology as well!!! :) :) :)

    It’s bc of grown men molesting/sexually abusing young boys that people are sooo Homophobic–bc they equate Homosexuality with Sexual Abuse–which is Sooo Unfair to the Gay Community who just happen to be Attracted To The Same Gender & Are Simply Looking For Someone To Love Them–Just Like Everybody Else!!! :o :o :o

  • Anna Bridges

    Putin has an obsession with gays and children. Has he been sodomized as a child? Or has he an obsession with molesting children? He is constantly associating “children” with “gays” which starts sounding very troubling from the psychological point of view and concerning about his mental sanity.

  • Frank Andersen

    Frank_vejle _Danmark

  • Kyle Voisey

    He would rather they starve to death on the streets.

  • Jolyn Brooks Meehan


  • Brian David Scates

    This man is just as much likely to be a paedophile as a homosexual is logically.

  • Pedro Castellon

    Is he fucking kidding me?! What a disgrace….He should leave children in peace

  • Pedro Castellon

    Goes to show what’s really on his mind….that perv!!

  • Brian Cowell

    Olympians should wonder about their Russian hosts, and keep their mouths shut. (is more like it).

  • Kimber Petrie

    As a soon to retire public school teacher, I can tell you that of all the hotline calls to social services, never once did we hot line a gay man for sexually abusing a child. We did, unfortunately, deal with frequent incest in all gender combinations but usually fathers and daughters, as well as chronic pedophilia from step dads, uncles, cousins and caregivers. STOP using ‘gay ‘ synonymously with ‘pedophile’…get educated, study the statistics. Children are more at risk in a Catholic Church than with a gay adult. I must also add that gay parents are so conscientious of doing great jobs as parents…kudos to them all.

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