Marjorie Taylor Greene demands an “exorcism” of Mike Johnson’s “demons” in bizarre tirade

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Speaker Mike Johnson at the March 7, 2024 State of the Union address
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Speaker Mike Johnson at the March 7, 2024 State of the Union address Photo: Jack Gruber/Shawn Thew/USA Today Network

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said that House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) needs to “literally” have an “exorcism” to remove “demons” so that he will support her plan to shut down the federal government unless New York overturns its recent criminal conviction of former President Donald Trump.

Last week, a Manhattan jury found Trump guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records to hide reports of his extra-marital affair with adult video actress Stormy Daniels in order to win the 2016 presidential election.

Speaking to former Trump advisor Steve Bannon on the right-wing media outlet Real America’s Voice, Greene said that Johnson told House Republicans that he planned to “fight for President Trump” through committee hearings, a subpoena against lead prosecutor Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and by introducing provisions in upcoming appropriation bills.

“Steve, our appropriations bills don’t mean s**t unless the speaker of the House has the balls to walk into… the White House and say ‘I’m going to shut down the government unless you pass these bills,'” Greene said. “That’s what our speaker of the House needs to be doing right now because, Steve, our country is gone. We are post-Constitution, and that’s because the Democrats in New York, the state of New York, convicted President Trump for 34 felony counts that are fake charges and nothing but a political attack and lies. And Steve, I’m done.”

She then said that Republicans are in a “literal war” with Democrats because the United States is now a “banana republic,” adding, “We are no longer a serious country.”

“What I wanted to hear in our conference today is that we were going to shut down the government and demand that the state of New York turn over these convictions,” she continued. “Republicans up here in Washington just want to toss it over to the Supreme Court and say the Supreme Court needs to do their job, and they need to stop all of this mess.”

A day after Trump’s May 30 conviction, Johnson said, “I do believe the Supreme Court should step in,” adding, “I think they’ll set this straight, but it’s going to take a while.”

Greene disagreed with this take, saying, “I mean, we’re going to have to literally have an exorcism of Mike Johnson and get the demons out of him so that he can think clearly again and stand up to Hakeem Jeffries and stand up to Chuck Schumer and tell Joe Biden to go kiss his a**.”

“Today, we should be voting to impeach Joe Biden, because of the invasion in the United States. Oh, but no! None of that is happening up here in Washington, D.C. because Republicans continually have their head up their a**…. I am so fed up. I am so sick of it because I know people at home are sick of it. People are sick and tired of a feckless, useless Republican Party that never does a damn thing to stop any of this. They just sit in the boat and row along with the Democrats and row.”

Greene has long criticized Johnson for not being sufficiently right-wing enough for her tastes. In late March, Greene filed a surprise motion to oust Johnson because he allowed the House to vote on a $1.2 trillion government funding bill today that included funding for “trans ideology,” as she put it. The bill, which largely excluded her and other far-right Republicans’ desired anti-LGBTQ+ provisions, cleared the House on March 22 in a 286 -134 vote.

Greene finally filed her motion to kick out Johnson in early May. A majority of her House Republican colleagues united with 163 Democrats to help defeat her motion immediately in a 359-43 vote, but not before booing her as she introduced the vote.

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