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Hate pastor & pals cite bizarre statistic about what homosexuals secretly eat

Hate pastor & pals cite bizarre statistic about what homosexuals secretly eat
Christian Nationalist hate preacher Joel Webbon Photo: Screenshot YouTube

Christian Nationalist hate preacher Joel Webbon shared his vision for a wholly Christian nation in a recent conversation on his Right Response Ministries YouTube show, advocating the death penalty for homosexuals, citing a seemingly made-up statistic about gays eating feces, and gay people dying young.

He also thinks women shouldn’t vote.

The wide-ranging discussion with two far-right wingmen, Michael Belch and Wesley Todd, centered on the perversion of gay men and their corrupting influence on American society.

Webbon asserted good people “have been lied to by Modern Family, by Will & Grace” into believing that LGBTQ+ people are like everyone else.

Degenerate popular culture dictates LGBTQ+ people are “marked by compassion or they’re marked by artistic expression,” Webbon told his Christian Nationalist fellows.

“Well, don’t forget the key characteristic,” he continued. “The key characteristic of the gay community is butt sex. That’s the key characteristic. It’s feces. That’s the key characteristic. It’s AIDS, it’s disease. And it needs to be said, because nobody has said it for a very long time.”

Homophobic web commenters actually mention all of those stigmatizing smears about gay people on a pretty regular basis.

Nonetheless, Webbon suggested that death, as a “maximum penalty,” would act as a deterrent to homosexuality.

If we want to “make America great again?” Webbon asked, “Make shame great again. And make disgust great again.”

“It used to be, and by God’s grace will be again, that you see a homosexual couple in the front row of a movie theater and a man leans over and kisses another man on the cheek, you should throw up in your mouth a little bit. That is the proper, God-given, natural reaction,” he said.

While the death penalty wouldn’t necessarily be mandated for all homosexuals, Webbon said, it might be necessary for “repeat offenders.”

Webbon added the Book of Leviticus is “hashtag based” — web-slang for those who act without worrying about what others think — for imposing the death penalty for homosexuality, earning appreciative laughs from his guests. “Leviticus goes hard,” the hate preacher swooned.

Belch jumped in with statistics that he claimed backed up Webbon’s embrace of disgust.

“17% of homosexuals” consume human feces, Belch claimed, citing discredited data from anti-gay researcher Paul Cameron and his Family Research Institute.

The Southern Poverty Law Center calls Cameron and his so-called institute a “one-man statistical chop shop” which “churns out hate literature masquerading as legitimate science.”

Citing Cameron again, Belch asserted that the “median age of death” for gays and lesbians is 42 and 45, respectively. Webbon joked, “Sounds like if society won’t enforce the penalties, God’ll do it.”

Webbon seemed to take delight in gaming out the penalties for gay men in a Handmaid’s Tale-level Christian Nationalist nation.

“If you got somebody who sleeps with another man, and there’s witnesses — that’s the other thing, there would have to be two or three witnesses, not just hearsay, they had to actually see it occur, or the person gives their own confession — and even then, it didn’t necessarily mean the death penalty. It could,” he said.

Last year on X, Webbon posted that capital punishment for homosexuality is “the just penalty according to God’s Immutable Law.”

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