Americans don’t trust politicians on trans issues. They trust doctors & parents.

The trans flag at an August 21, 2017 protest
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When it comes to transgender issues, polling shows that Americans trust legislators the least. Instead, they trust medical professionals and parents the most.

Data for Progress, a left-leaning polling group and think-tank, surveyed likely voters earlier this month to ask about their stance on various trans issues, from medical care to civil rights. The results conclusively showed that after years of right-wing politicians demonizing LGBTQ+ people, voters don’t trust their exaggerated and manufactured outrage.

About 55% of surveyed voters agreed with the statement, “State lawmakers should not be allowed to implement full bans on abortion and gender-affirming medical care and place criminal penalties on physicians who provide this care” — only 34% disagreed.

When asked who they trusted most to develop policies and regulations on trans minors accessing gender-affirming medical care, again, politicians came in dead last.

About 52% trusted medical and mental health associations, while only 7% trusted politicians. About 34% chose neither politicians nor health associations — but the next question might help explain why.

When voters were asked who should be able to make the final decision about whether or not a trans minor can access gender-affirming medical care, voters selected parents as the overwhelming choice.

About 54% chose to trust the minor’s parents, 22% chose doctors, and only 12% chose legislators.

And when likely voters were asked specifically about transgender civil rights, they supported equality.

“Some lawmakers in Congress have proposed developing and implementing a Transgender Bill of Rights,” the pollsters said to respondents. “This legislation would protect the rights of transgender and nonbinary people under the law by ensuring their access to medical care, shelter, safety, and economic security.”

“Do you support or oppose a Transgender Bill of Rights?” the pollster asked.

About 48% supported the proposed legislation, 43% opposed it, and the rest said that they weren’t sure.

In another recent poll, when Americans were asked about their views on Republican Speaker Mike Johnson’s anti-LGBTQ+ Christian Nationalist positions, the overwhelming majority opposed everything he stands for.

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