Introducing “Queer Here, Queer There, We’re Not Going Anywhere,” a book by LGBTQ Nation

The cover of Queer Here, Queer There, We're Not Going Anywhere

Today marks the release of LGBTQ Nation‘s Queer Here, Queer There, We’re Not Going Anywhere, a book filled with, as the subtitle describes, LGBTQ+ Wit, Wisdom and Badass Affirmations.

Written and edited by J. Katherine Quartararo, the book offers over 300 quotes from influential queer figures of the past and present, including soccer star Megan Rapinoe, pop star Hayley Kiyoko, journalist Rachel Maddow, actor Billy Porter, author Carmen Maria Machado, and Stonewall legend Marsha P. Johnson.

Sprinkled among the quotes are over 50 affirmations that serve to remind readers they are exactly who they were born to be. Together with the wise words of those who have lived their truth in the public eye, this book will no doubt inspire both Pride and action in anyone who explores its pages.

Also included is a powerful forward by Jim Obergefell, the lead plaintiff in the 2015 Supreme Court case that made marriage equality the law of the land. Obergefell writes that “the queer community has faced erasure, hatred an discrimination, yet we refuse to be invisible, and we work to make tomorrow better than today.”

When introducing the book, Quartararo said she curated it for the “young, overwhelmed version” of herself that was just coming to terms with her queer identity. It is not the type of book you read once and put away on the shelf. Keep it on your desk or on your bedside table, and when you’re feeling disempowered by the onslaught of hate LGBTQ+ people continue to endure, flip through these quotes and remember how many of us are out there, ever proud of who we are and fighting for change.

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