11-year-old trans girl’s plea for “peace” leaves school board speechless

Girl speaks before school board
An 11-year-old girl begged the school board for "peace" during a meeting Photo: Screenshot/Twitter

Jessie Sirivanchai passionate defense of his little girl, Alison, made national news last week, but her moving speech before Cherry Creek School District is now going viral.

In a trembling voice, the 11-year-old told the members (and adults who said despicable things about her) that she wanted “to make peace.”

“I am here to address the board as the father of Alison,” Sirivanchai said before she spoke, according to journalist Erin Reed’s reporting. “If you’ve known her her whole life, you know this is who she’s always been.”

“It has nothing to do with politics. It has nothing to do with being woke. It has nothing to do with any of this weird stuff. It’s just she wants to go to the school, and she looks like this,” he said before asking if she’d like to speak.

That’s when Alison stepped forward and stunned the room into silence.

“Hello fathers, daughters, mothers, and everybody else who came here today with fear, anger, and confusion… three feelings that hurt inside badly. I came here not to fight, but to make peace. How am I going to do that? I’m going to tell a story.”

Watch her speech below. Like the school board, her story will leave you speechless.

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