Tommy had the perfect clapback when someone’s mom told him only girls can wear nail polish

Tommy after football practice
Little Tommy Photo: Screenshot/TikTok

When Tommy went to football practice sporting some blue nail polish on his fingers, none of the kids had a problem with it.

But one mom, on the other hand, wasn’t happy with it and told her kid that “only girls can wear nail polish.”

After his dad posted a video on TikTok, sharing Tommy’s response, he’s become an internet hero.

After Tommy recounted the back-and-forth, his dad pointed out that the mom’s snide remark was “ridiculous” and Tommy agreed. But when Dad asked how he responded, it was the perfect clapback. And it gave Dad and the internet giggles.

“I said, your mom’s only mad because I got more taste than you,” Tommy deadpanned.


“Anyone can wear nail polish. Girls, boys, everyone. Even football players. Proud of Tommy,” Dad posted with the video. Users quickly added their comments on the video and were just as proud.


Anyone can wear nail polish. Girls, boys, everyone. Even football players. Proud of Tommy. 💅🏈 #nailpolish #football #parenting #gender #genderstereotypes #toxicmasculinity #raisingboys

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“Legend in the making,” one quipped. “Kid’s got style…,” another added.

Another sports enthusiast chimed in to say, “I’m a catcher and I wear nail polish so my pitcher can see my signs I can’t believe the stigma that surrounds us males.”

“King energy right there,” someone else added, while another gushed over the “color pop.” “They matched the uniform perfect. My son paints his nails too,” they said.

But one commenter seemed to sum up the feelings completely, when they posted, “amazing!! I’m feeling so depressed today and this pure moment sent me into hopeful sobs. thank you for sharing!”

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