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Gay shop attacked by masked men for the 5th time this year

Masked man attacking gay shop in Manchester
Photo: Screenshot

Last Sunday, a gay adult store called Clonezone in Manchester, England endured its fifth targeted attack this year.

According to police, this latest incident involved two masked men on a bike who tried to break the shop’s windows but were deterred by iron bars that had been installed after the previous attacks. The men then proceeded to step inside the shop and throw an object at the security equipment, causing about £3500 ($4300) worth of damage.

Police believe the bike the men used is the same one used in a previous attack in May. The other attacks also involved bikes, but they were not the same ones.

What’s more, the attack occurred in broad daylight, around 2 p.m., while staff were inside.

The store’s general manager, Richard Tropez, told the Manchester Evening News that it was “absolutely terrifying.”

“We’ve been targeted,” he said. “No one else, it’s just us.”

“The attacks are very specific,” said Chief Inspector Steve Wiggins in a statement, “with all five attacks showcasing the same style of offending to one specific shopwith offenders arriving on bikes and causing significant damage. We are keen to find out the motivations behind the attacks which will assist us with tracing those responsible and bringing them to justice.”

Wiggins emphasized that “this cannot continue” and “we are doing everything in our power to investigate the incidents whilst protecting the business.”

Crimestoppers has offered a £2000 ($2500) reward for anyone with information that leads to an arrest and conviction.

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