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Anti-trans actor Kevin Sorbo claims his children’s book about saving masculinity is not anti-LGBTQ+

Kevin Sorbo
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Christian actor Kevin Sorbo is denying allegations that his new children’s book is anti-LGBTQ+, despite the fact that he has been railing against the rights of trans youth in his quest to promote it.

After blogger Joe Jervis, who runs the site JoeMyGod, described Sorbo’s book The Test of Lionhood as anti-LGBTQ+, Sorbo took to X to claim the accusation was “another example of the left doing whatever it takes to score clicks while bashing Christian conservatives.”

“This guy has no clue what he’s talking about, and and [sic] only furthers narrative that most journalists are a joke,” Sorbo continued.

He said his book “is about a lion cub who learns what it means to be courageous and BRAVE while on a dangerous adventure to save his sister cub. I guess books that don’t include LGBTQ+ characters are automatically ‘Anti-LGBTQ.'”

Nevertheless, Sorbo has made it extremely clear that one of the major messages of his book is to “let boys be boys and let girls be girls,” so much so that The Christian Post titled its interview with him: “Kevin Sorbo writes new children’s book to expose dangers of ‘woke gender confusion.'”

The book reportedly ends with quotes from the Bible about God-given gender roles. Sorbo explained that the book’s main character “has to build up some courage, getting past all these different obstacles to get past this fear. And it’s really about letting boys become boys to hopefully become men and strong men, strong providers for families as they grow up.”

He added that it’s dangerous to teach kids about gender identity, taking swipes at trans women in sports and gender-affirming care for trans youth. “It’s like these transgenders going in and racing against women in sports now, boxing matches. It’s just crazy to me,” he said, before adding that adults should be allowed to transition if they please but that it’s “insane” to let kids “change their sex.”

He also called public schools “indoctrination camps.”

Fox describes the book as one that “celebrates masculinity,” which Sorbo reinforced.

“The attack today on masculinity today is a call for us to stay vigilant right now,” he said, echoing many of the same beliefs he voiced in his interview with the The Christian Post.

In a statement to TheWrap, Jervis doubled down on the fact that Sorbo’s book is indeed anti-LGBTQ+.

“As anyone familiar with his Twitter posts might gather, his book appears to be just another in a raft of recent anti-LGBTQ children’s books (see Matt Walsh, etc) intended to teach children that simply being transgender is sinful and wrong.”

“He may couch it in terms of masculinity and biblical-ordained gender roles, but the ultimate message – as noted in reported scriptural quotes appended to the closing – seems clear. Sorbo’s publisher, after all, recently issued Kirk Cameron’s children’s book, ‘Pride Comes Before The Fall.’ The title tells you what that book is really about.”

The book’s publisher, Brave Books, describes its mission as helping children “withstand harmful progressive influences.” In addition to publishing anti-LGBTQ+ activist and former actor Kirk Cameron’s books, it has also published a children’s book by Chaya Raichik, who is behind the anti-LGBTQ+ social media account Libs of TikTok and has risen to prominence on the far-right for falsely accusing LGBTQ+ people and their allies of “grooming” children for abuse.

Jervis also wrote on his blog: “Of note, his tweet has sent hordes of his followers into my feed to accuse me of being a groomer and/or pedophile and to thank Sorbo for ‘standing up to the perverts.’ Which kind of contradicts his contention.”

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