30 Barbie brand collaborations that have us seeing pink

30 Barbie brand collaborations that have us seeing pink

The iconic Barbie franchise is about to step off the toy shelf and onto the big screen, thanks to the visionary storytelling of acclaimed director Greta Gerwig. But ahead of Barbie the Movie’s premiere, the Barbie brand collaborations have been particularly impressive and impossible to miss.

We’ve seen both official and unofficial collaborations with the franchise, with the main rule for Barbiecore creations being that anything goes, so long as it’s pink.

From high-end fashion brands to makers of household items, there’s something for everyone in the 2023’s Barbie the Movie’s marketing land.

Let’s explore some of the countless brand collabs we’ve seen so far:

Coldstone x Barbie

The Barbie x Coldstone collaboration features an “All That Glitters is Pink” cotton candy-flavored ice cream creation.

ALDO Shoes x Barbie

ALDO’s limited-edition Barbie collection includes heels, jewelry, and accessories galore.

Burger King Brazil x Barbie

You have to be in Brazil to enjoy Burger King’s fresh take on pink sauce in honor of Barbie the Movie.

NYX x Barbie

Barbies and Kens alike can enjoy the NYX x Barbie collab.

Xbox x Barbie

Xbox has a couple of different Barbie brand collaborations including a cross-over with NYX cosmetics.

Crocs x Barbie

Adorn classic pink Crocs with Barbie-branded accessories or buy a new Barbie-branded pair of Crocs.

Gap x Barbie

Gap’s Barbie collection has apparel options for the whole family.

BÉIS x Barbie

Always wanted pink luggage? The new Béis x Barbie travel collection has you covered.

Fossil x Barbie

Get on Barbie time with the Barbie-themed Fossil collection.

Homesick x Barbie

Homesick candles will have your home smelling like Barbie’s Dreamhouse.

Kendra Scott x Barbie

Kendra Scott launched its second brand collab with Barbie in time for the new movie.

Forever 21 x Barbie

Forever 21’s Barbie collection is full of clothes and accessories for humans and pets alike.

Kitsch x Barbie

If it’s pink hair accessories that you’re looking for, Kitsch and Barbie have you covered.

Impala Skates x Barbie

Look like Hot Skatin’ Barbie with these neon yellow and pink Impala Skates.

Build-A-Bear x Barbie

The RuPaul teddy bear isn’t the only Build-A-Bear collaboration, with Barbie also in the mix.

Truly x Barbie

Barbie might be made of plastic but Truly and Barbie still teamed together for a skincare collab.

Bloomingdale’s AQUA x Barbie

No, not Aqua the band behind the “Barbie Girl” song, Bloomingdale’s exclusive brand AQUA has a Barbie collaboration, too!

Cinemark x Barbie

While you can see the movie in most theaters, Cinemark has the Barbie merch hook-up.

FUNBOY x Barbie

Malibu Barbie certainly has a pool, so this FUNBOY x Barbie pool floats collab fits the bill.

Swoon x Barbie

Get your pink drink on with Swoon’s Barbie Pink Lemonade.

CHI x Barbie

You can’t talk about Barbie or Ken without talking about their hair, which makes this CHI x Barbie collection extra relevant.

Pinkberry x Barbie

If Coldstone’s ice cream collab isn’t your thing, maybe this strawberry and dragonfruit Barbie Land Berry Pink froyo from Pinkberry will be.

MeUndies x Barbie

The MeUndies and Barbie brand collab offers underwear for everyone.

Ruggable x Barbie

Add a splash of pink to your home with Ruggable’s Barbie collection.

Alex and Ani x Barbie

Barbie and Ken love to accessorize and you can find lots of Barbie baubles at Alex and Ani.

Cotton On x Barbie

Find more Barbie-branded clothes at Cotton On.

Oodie x Barbie

Planning to stream Barbie the Movie from home? Then consider something from the Barbie Oodie collection.

Vooray x Barbie

Carry around all of your new Barbie-branded gear in Barbie-branded bags from Vooray.

Party City x Barbie

Come on Barbie, let’s go Party City collaboration.

Bonus: Google x Barbie

The Google search result for Greta Gerwig features a pink overlay and links ahead of the Barbie the Movie premiere

This one’s not an official brand collaboration, but a little Google Easter egg. When you Google “Barbie,” “Barbie the Movie,” “Greta Gerwig,” “Margot Robbie,” or “Ryan Gossling,” you’ll get a pink Google search results page!

Why are these Barbie brand collaborations important?

Greta Gerwig’s interpretation of Barbie and the movie’s cast are set to challenge norms and break boundaries. And the Barbie brand collaborations we see today further encourage conversations around representation for minority groups, including the LGBTQ+ community.

Plus, these collaborations keep fans excited about the upcoming movie release and generate more hype around it.

As a result, the movie has already been banned in Vietnam and condemned by Christians.

While the Barbie film’s premise is intriguingly gay, to say the least, the film’s marketing strategy has been nothing short of revolutionary, painting the world pink—and quite literally causing a pink paint shortage.

This Barbie toy to movie transition is apparently just the start for Mattel, as they’re looking to launch an entire movieverse featuring classic toy lines including Hot Wheels, Magic 8 Ball, UNO, and more.

Barbie The Movie hits theaters on Friday, July 21, so get ready and grab your tickets, if you’re not among the 40,000+ people already partaking in the Barbenheimer double feature!

It’s sure to be a movie experience that you won’t forget.

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