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Welcome to the first weekly LGBTQ Nation News Quiz. We’ve kept you up-to-date on politics, current events, and news from the LGBTQ+ community all week. Now, this is your chance to look back on what happened.

We’ll be testing your knowledge with a series of questions taken from our headlines this past week. Try the quiz without looking up the answers or open another tab and use our search function to find the answers. (We won’t tell.)

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LGBTQ Nation Weekly News Quiz (June 5-9)

Which legendary entertainer recently asked social media users to post flashy costumed selfies to help raise money for HIV?

1. RuPaul
2. Lady Gaga
3. Elton John
4. Madonna

Elton John

The Elton John AIDS Foundation has asked people to unleash their #InnerElton during Pride month to help raise $125 million to fight new HIV infections in vulnerable communities.


Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski, trans actress Michaela Jae Rodriguez, and pansexual musician Jojo Siwa have all already participated in the online campaign.

Which major anti-LGBTQ+ televangelist passed away this week?

1. Pat Robertson
2. Joel Osteen
3. Jerry Falwell Sr.
4. John Hagee

Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson passed away at the age of 93 this week. He founded the Christian Coalition and the Christian Broadcasting Network, preaching to millions.


Many of his statements were extremely anti-LGBTQ+, especially when it came to HIV/AIDS. He said that AIDS was "God's way of weeding his garden" and that gay men wear sharp rings so that they can spread HIV while shaking hands.

Which three areas are addressed in the White House's recently unveiled plan to protect LGBTQ+ communities?

1. Sugar, spice, and everything nice
2. School book bans, youth mental health, and anti-LGBTQ+ violence
3. Drag bans, gender-affirming care bans, and hate speech
4. HIV prevention, income inequality, and religious queerphobia

School book bans, youth mental health, and anti-LGBTQ+ violence

The White House's three-part strategy includes fighting school book bans, improved mental health resources for youth (especially youth who are homeless or in the foster care system), and responses to violent threats against community LGBTQ+ organizations.

As part of the plan, the administration of President Joe Biden will work with the Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights to "strengthen protections eroded by the previous [Trump] administration to help protect LGBTQI+ Americans from discrimination," the White House said.

How much money from the state budget did the Florida legislature appropriate this year for Gov. Ron DeSantis's legal battles?

1. $1 million
2. $500 million
3. $16 million
4. $500,000

$16 million

DeSantis's "anti-woke" cultural crusade has already cost Florida taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees as the legislation he approves continually end up in court. Republican state lawmakers have fully backed DeSantis’s rampage, approving a whopping $16 million of the state’s budget exclusively to cover litigation.


State House Minority Leader Fentrice Driskell (D) said the Republicans gave DeSantis “a carte blanche to go and fight these wars in court.”

This week, the British Library tweeted to celebrate something for Pride Month that made transphobes lose their minds. What was the post about?

1. A drag queen who teaches first grade
2. A fish that can change its sex
3. A pregnant male seahorse
4. A trans children's book author

A fish that can change its sex

The library's tweet introduced followers to the Māori wrasse, a species of fish in which the females can change their sex to male. Anti-trans trolls attacked the post so intensely that the library ended up deleting it

A judge ruled against out Rep. George Santos (R-NY) this week. What did the ruling say?

1. That he has to wear an ankle bracelet while awaiting trial.
2. That his bond was doubled to $1 million.
3. That he can't call any family members as character witnesses at his trial.
4. That the names of his bond guarantors have to be made public.

That the names of his bond guarantors have to be made public.

The New York Times requested the court disclose the names of the three people who cosigned Santos' $500,000 bond, saying that they could have undue influence on an elected official and that the public has a right to know. Santos' lawyer argued that the guarantors would be harassed if their names were made public and said that Santos would rather go to jail than betray their privacy like that.


Judge Anne Shields sided with the Times.

A brawl broke out outside a school board meeting in Glendale, California this week between pro- and anti-LGBTQ+ activists. What was the school board debating?

1. A rule requiring teachers to use the correct pronouns for students
2. A resolution to recognize June as Pride Month
3. A ban on rainbow flags in district schools
4. Permission for a school play where two female characters kiss

A resolution to recognize June as Pride Month

The school board was debating a Pride Month resolution when hundreds of people showed up to protest, including many counterprotestors. The police tried to keep the two groups separate but the anti-LGBTQ+ protestors pushed through the police line and started beating some of the progressives.


Inside, at the meeting, most people who spoke on the resolution spoke in favor of it. The resolution passed unanimously.

Which state just had its ban on transgender healthcare for minors blocked by a judge in a fiery 44-page ruling?

1. Mississippi
2. Florida
3. Arkansas
4. Indiana


In Judge Robert Hinkle's decision against Florida's ban, he wrote that the ban seems entirely based on the state's desire to dissuade people from transitioning rather than any legitimate concerns about children's wellbeing.

“There is no rational basis for a state to categorically ban these treatments,” Hinkle wrote, adding, “Nothing could have motivated this remarkable intrusion into parental prerogatives other than opposition to transgender status itself.”

Which anti-LGBTQ+ Republican announced their presidential campaign this week?

1. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
2. Former Vice President Mike Pence
3. Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders
4. Sen. Ted Cruz (TX)

Former Vice President Mike Pence

Mike Pence announced his 2024 presidential bid with a campaign video that demonized LGBTQ+ people, saying that drag queens are infringing on religious people's story hours and attacking trans students for participating in school sports.


“President Joe Biden and the radical left have weakened America at home and abroad,” Pence says in the voiceover to his announcement video. “Timeless American values are under assault as never before.”

Which Democratic governor signed an executive order this week to ensure trans youth can access the care they need?

1. Tina Kotek of Oregon
2. Wes Moore of Maryland
3. Kathy Hochul of New York
4. J.B. Pritzker of Illinois

Wes Moore of Maryland

Moore signed the order during a Pride even at the governor's house.

“In the state of Maryland, nobody should have to justify their own humanity,” he said. “This order is focused on ensuring Maryland is a safe place for gender-affirming care, especially as other states take misguided and hateful steps to make gender-affirming care cause for legal retribution. In Maryland, we are going to lead on this issue.”

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LGBTQ Nation Weekly News Quiz (June 5-9)

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