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Preacher says teachers turn kids transgender to make them hate God

Jason Graber Photo: Twitter screenshot

A hate preacher recently told his church’s congregation that schools want to teach children “perverted” LGBTQ+ sexual education and turn them transgender in order to give kids “a deep-seated hatred for God in their hearts.”

These comments came from Jason Graber — a New Independent Fundamental Baptist (New IFB) preacher at Sure Foundation Baptist Church in Spokane, Washington.

“They want to get these children, they want to pump them,” Graber said, not explaining what “pump” means. “First of all, they put them into the wicked school system. And they require that children are taught sexual education at an extremely young age. And they want to teach them a perverted sexual education where they teach them all about the LGBTQ which stands for ‘let God burn them quickly.'”

Then, imitating a school official speaking to children, Graber said, “‘Maybe Johnny… maybe you just want to be Sally. Maybe we want to put a dress on you and maybe we want to put lipstick on you. And Sally, you know, we want to give you a butch haircut. We want to see if we can get you to have an Adam’s apple. You know, maybe you just really want to be a boy. Maybe you’re a boy stuck in a girl’s body. So we need to perform surgery on you and we want to give you these chemicals that are going to make you feel good. We’re going to give you testosterone so you can have a mustache and you can be an abomination.'”

To be clear, school officials don’t put clothing and cosmetics on children, nor do they offer gender-affirming medications or surgeries. Such surgeries aren’t conducted on kids.

In reality, any child seeking gender-affirming medical care consults first with doctors who determine whether they fit the suitable criteria for treatment. Such treatment often involves allowing the children to explore their gender identity and gender presentation until they reach puberty. At that point, children and their parents can choose to pursue further care with puberty blockers (which are reversible) and hormone replacement therapy.

Graber and conservative right-wingers have continually pushed the falsehood that adults are forcing children into trans identities through something called “rapid onset gender dysphoria.” Such claims have been debunked by a recent Fenway Health study and in a 2022 research study published in the journal Pediatrics.

Nevertheless, Graber said. “They want to target these children and destroy them… What they want to do is create a deep-seated hatred for God in their hearts. That is their goal.” He may not realize that religious trans people exist and that the Christian Bible has verses supporting trans identities.

These comments aren’t surprising coming from Graber. He has referred to gay people as “AIDS dispensers” and previously called for the execution of gay people. In April 2022, he called for LGBTQ+-accepting teachers to be shot in the head or beheaded on live TV because, he claimed, they’re “grooming” kids for sexual abuse. The grooming claim has been repeated by mainstream Republican politicians as a reason to ban LGBTQ+ content from public schools.

New IFB isn’t affiliated with any mainstream Baptist denomination, although both Baptist and New IFB teachings exhibit anti-LGBTQ+ bigotry, antisemitism, and misogyny. But while Baptists merely condemn queer people to hell, New IFB goes a step further, calling for the execution of LGBTQ+ people.

In March 2023, Graber’s church tweeted from its account that it is getting death threats after calling for the death of LGBTQ+ people so many times.

“When someone actually follows through with one of the MANY threats to rape and kill me, my family, and blow up and kill everyone in my church, including women and children and many other vile and filthy things threatened. What will you say?” the church tweeted.

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