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Anti-LGBTQ+ activist allegedly stole a dead woman’s laptop & harassed people with n-words

Moms for Liberty leader Nicole Prussman
Moms for Liberty leader Nicole PrussmanPhoto: Screenshot via Facebook

A leader of Moms for Liberty has been accused of hijacking a dead woman’s Facebook account and faces a summary trial for harassment. She then allegedly sent n-word laden texts to the deceased woman’s surviving husband after she took out credit cards in his name.

Nicole Prussman, a 42-year-old mother and self-described “education consultant,” was until March the leader of the Monroe County, Pennsylvania chapter of Moms for Liberty, the online collection of Christian nationalists and MAGA mothers responsible for whipping up anti-LGBTQ+ outrage at local school board and council meetings across the country over the last two years.

She heads to court May 4 and has yet to enter a plea.

According to The Daily Beast, Prussman admitted stealing the laptop of a former friend who was stabbed to death by her babysitter in 2021. She then spent months using the dead woman’s Facebook account to harass and intimidate multiple individuals, including a New York woman who opposed Moms for Liberty’s efforts to ban books and censor teachers.

“EVERYONE…Say Hi to a real DUMB worst word you can call a woman (because she earned it),” Prussman posted about the woman on March 14. “Can’t wait for her to meet her KARMA…It’s already beginning, but until then I think a taste of her own medicine is amusing. However, I will be sharing legally and EVERYWHERE.”

Following several more unsolicited messages, Prussman’s accuser replied, “Please stop contacting me. This is harassment.”

That’s when Prussman really went off the rails.

“You’re a f**king coward and shameful example of a human. You’re a f**king piss ant and I will laugh as your family suffers,” the dead woman’s account wrote. Prussman added she would distribute an unflattering flyer of the victim and her children.

“Real great image of you and the girls,” Prussman posted, and, “Threats, Calls to violence….See you in court WHORE.”

“We are having a party tonight and your family has been the mock of the night,” she added in another message. “So a response tonight would be great.”

Prussman’s victim contacted police the following day.

Those messages are just a fraction of the threatening, obscenity-laden interactions Prussman pressed on multiple former friends, associates, strangers, and perceived enemies.

Candidates and government officials were among Prussman’s favorite targets, including Democratic Pennsylvania state Rep. Tarah Probst (D), who received multiple intimidating voicemails before her election in November.

“I am going live today with 290 families from Stroudsburg Area School District,” Prussman seethed.

“I’d love if you could put your big girl pants on, pick up a phone and actually return a call,” she continued. “But let’s be serious, Tarah, you’re subpar and substandard and that’s what I’m going to tell your constituency today.”

In the same message, Prussman mocked Probst for having attended public schools and concluded, “Have a wonderful day. I’m sorry you’re subpar, and I look forward to outing you to the world.”

“This woman just went berserk,” said another of Prussman’s victims, “but apparently was going berserk on everybody.”

“Everybody” included the murdered laptop owner’s family.

Shortly after the woman’s death, her ex-husband received a security alert from Google saying someone from the town where Prussman lived attempted to log into one of his accounts. As well, his credit-monitoring company told him someone had opened two credit cards in his name, probably using his Social Security number. Text messages followed.

“Fucked your credit […] Enjoy those credit cards man with a cunt as a mama,” read one text from a Pennsylvania area code.

“We’re watching you mother fucker,” read another. “How many cocks have you had in your ass high as f**k you tramp stamped cock sucking n****r.”

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