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Angry man rants that Target is “destroying masculinity” with rainbows on boys’ t-shirts

Transphobic man in Target holding up a light pink t-shirt with a smiling shark on it from the boys section
Photo: Screenshot

A far-right, anti-“woke” activist recently posted a video of himself lambasting Target for “destroying masculinity” because of rainbows on boys’ t-shirts.

The man runs an apparel company called Stand Up Now that sells t-shirts with anti-trans messages, along with ones with phrases like, “Bring back God” and “Parents Rights Matter.”

In the Target video, he wears an anti-trans shirt and stands in the boys’ section of the store. He holds up three different t-shirts, one with trucks, one with dinosaurs, and one with a cloud. He’s pissed, he explains, because all three shirts also include rainbows.

Then he holds up the final straw: a light pink shirt with a shark smiling against a colorful backdrop.

“They’re destroying masculinity!” he claims. “Guys, it’s time to stand up this wokeness. We need to stand up as parents and leaders and fathers.”

Twitter, of course, had a field day mocking this rant – and the fact that he was wearing a pink shirt himself.

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