Marjorie Taylor Greene destroyed by Democratic lawmaker after she defended guns in schools

Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks at a rally
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Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) ripped into Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) for arguing that gender-affirming hormones and the lack of guns in schools were responsible for the shooting in Nashville that killed three students and three school employees on Monday.

“You guys are worried about banning books? Dead kids can’t read,” he said.

Moskowitz was speaking at a Committee on Oversight and Accountability meeting about the shooting when he told the committee that he would yield “to anyone on this committee who disagrees that murder in schools is not murder.”

That’s when Greene piped up.

“When I was in 11th grade and Joe Biden made our schools gun-free school zones, one of the students in my school brought three guns to school and our entire school went on lockdown,” Greene recounted. It’s not clear what her story had to do with the Nashville shooting; the kid who brought guns to school was caught before anyone got shot and armed security guards or armed teachers wouldn’t have added anything to the situation.

Then Greene went to her favorite topic: transgender people.

“You wanna know why the shooter is dead in Nashville? The trans shooter?” Greene asked rhetorically. “You wanna know why? Because a good guy with a gun killed that woman. She identified as a man, she was mentally ill, probably taking hormones, and she went in and murdered children and adults in this Christian school in Nashville.”

Several people close to the shooter have said that he was transgender, and he also used he/him pronouns on his LinkedIn profile. There is no evidence yet that he was taking hormones – an unnamed source told the Daily Beast earlier this week that he only recently identified as transgender – and there is no evidence yet that the shooter attacked the school because it’s Christian and not because he had a personal grudge against the school that he previously attended.

The mental illness that Greene was referring to was autism. Earlier this week, Greene said that the “medications for mental illness” the shooter took contributed to the shooting, but there is no evidence that the shooter was taking any medications to help with autism or that those medications would have led to violence.

Moskowitz wasn’t having Greene’s assertion that it was fine that the shooter had a gun because police killed him after he killed six people.

“There are six people that are dead in that school including three children because you guys got rid of the assault weapons ban,” he said, referring to the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act, which was passed in 1994 and died in 2004 under President George W. Bush in accordance with its sunset provision.

“Because you guys made it easy for people who don’t deserve to have weapons, who are mentally incapable of having weapons of war, being able to buy those weapons and go into schools.”

Moscowitz said that he personally voted for law enforcement officers in schools in the past, but “did the good guys with the guns stop six people from getting murdered? No. But you know what? AR-15’s, have you ever seen what those bullets do to children? You know why you don’t hunt with an AR-15 with a deer, because there’s nothing left. And there’s nothing left of these kids when people go into school and murder them while they’re trying to read.”

He then turned on the far-right’s obsession with banning books by LGBTQ+ authors and books that deal with themes of racism.

“You guys are worried about banning books? Dead kids can’t read.”

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