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JK Rowling defends Nazi-loving transphobe as activists throw tomato juice at her

JK Rowling defends Nazi-loving transphobe as activists throw tomato juice at her
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Self-described women’s rights advocate Posie Parker was confronted by thousands of transgender rights supporters at a rally in Auckland on Friday, where she was doused with tomato juice and showered with acrimony. She fled the event, and the country, soon after.

On her way out, the U.K. “gender critical” (a euphemism for transphobic) activist called New Zealand the “worst place for women she has ever visited,” and labeled herself the victim of a campaign to assassinate her character by a “corrupt media populated by vile dishonest cult members.”

Well-known trans-exclusionary author JK Rowling defended Parker and her right to speak, calling the protest “repellent” and a “mass attack on women.”

The Harry Potter author maintained a mob “had assaulted women standing up for their rights”.

In the process, Rowling took on advocacy group Auckland Pride, who were among the groups protesting Parker. They defended the protesters’ actions.

“There is a narrative quickly taking hold amongst anti-trans groups and individuals that Parker abandoned her event because of violence from our community,” Auckland Pride wrote.

“We reject this narrative. We are of the firm belief that the demonstration of unity, celebration, and acceptance alongside joyous music, chanting, and noise of 5,000 supporters was too loud to overcome and the reason for her departure – and not the actions of any one individual.”

Rowling shot back, from 11,500 miles away: “There are multiple videos of Kellie-Jay being assaulted. Women have become used to lies, threats of violence and outright denial of reality, but if you imagine anyone feels ‘defeated’, think again. Your men’s rights activists showed the world exactly who they are. #LetWomenSpeak

The gathering in Auckland was the latest stop on Parker’s “Let Women Speak” tour through Australia and New Zealand.

Last weekend, Parker’s rally in Melbourne attracted goosestepping neo-Nazis, who threw the sieg heil salute from the steps of the Victorian Parliament House in support of the U.K. activist’s anti-trans agenda.

That Nazi association earned a review of her visa to enter New Zealand by Immigration Minister Michael Wood, who eventually granted her entry, citing free speech rights.

By then, protesters were primed for Parker’s arrival at Albert Park in New Zealand’s most populous city. Over 5000 transgender rights supporters overwhelmed the rally, including the transphobic activist.

While Parker milled on the bandstand before trying to speak, protesters chanted and sang their opposition to Parker’s anti-trans rhetoric. Signs exclaimed, “You don’t speak for us!” “Trans exclusionary radical fuckery,” “Go Home Nosey Parker!” and “Piss off, Posie.”

One placard lamented, “Posie’s fuckin’ lucky Georgia’s not here,” a reference to Georgina Beyer, the world’s first openly transgender elected mayor and elected member of Parliament, who died just two weeks ago. Beyer was a beloved member of New Zealand’s LGBTQ+ community.

On the bandstand, video revealed Parker rushed by a protester and doused with what looked like tomato juice. Parker took the opportunity to pose heroically and shot a selfie, even as the barricades lining a perimeter around the stand came down and protesters rushed the stage. Police and security soon hustled Parker through the chanting mob, as Parker looked about visibly shaken.

Trans activist Alejandra Caraballo replied to Rowling’s Twitter rant, distinguishing between the men who oppose Parker, and some of those who showed up in Melbourne to support her:  “You are defending a person who had a nazi barbie profile picture and has nazis showing up to support her doing seig heils.”

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