Lady Gaga pride flag
Lady Gaga holds the rainbow flag in the air at her concert in Vancouver, Canada, on Monday night.Photo: YouTube

It was the tweet that shook Twitter. DJ Bright Light Bright Light told a hard truth; for some, life will never be the same.

During the opening of her hit song, “Just Dance,” Lady Gaga doesn’t say “red wine.” She says “RedOne,” a shoutout to the song’s producer, also known as Nadir Khayat.

Once the truth was out, the entire internet burst into flames and devolved into teeth gnashing and garment rending. Or, if not the entire internet, at least Twitter. Somewhere.

The responses ranged from incredulous to defiant, from shock to protestations that couldn’t possibly be true.

“I will always sing: red wine… bacardi… vodka!” one person responded. “Literally i even thought that was why the next line was “i had a little bit too much,” another added.

“I’m always singing the wrong words,” another user grumped. “So I’ll stick with that.”

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