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Marjorie Taylor Greene wants the FBI to investigate mother of trans child for “child sex abuse”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene Photo: Screenshot

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) appears to want the FBI to investigate a “sex positive” parent who wanted to give their transgender child anal beads.

“This is child sex abuse @FBI,” Greene tweeted as she shared a thread from an anti-transgender account called 4thWaveNow that was mostly screenshots of a Facebook conversation from a group called “Parents of Transgender Children.” The thread was allegedly started by a “sex positive open communicative supportive mama” who is “looking into other alternatives for [her 15-year-old transgender daughter] to pleasure herself with.”

In the original post, the “mama” said that she thought “maybe a thin anal bead vibrator and a small vibrator wand, some lube and some sex toy cleaner might be a good start.”

4thWaveNow then shared screenshots of responses of people writing with correct capitalization and in full sentences on Facebook discussing various sex toy options.

It’s not clear that this discussion is real. The topic of transgender youth – and the myth that parents force their children to be transgender – has inspired many online trolls to create fake web discussions to promote hatred of transgender people.

For example, the forum r/TransParentTransKid on the social media platform Reddit was started last year intentionally to write and promote fake stories about parents pushing their kids to transition. Several prominent voices on the right were fooled by the fake forum’s postings and were enraged by what they called “child abuse,” which were really stories written anonymously by other anti-transgender advocates.

That said, it’s difficult to see what 4thWaveNow is advocating. In their thread, they lament that puberty blockers – a common, reversible, and safe intervention that delays the permanent effects of puberty so that trans kids can have time to explore their identities – can interfere with pre-teens’ “sexual function.” But despite their inexplicable interest in the “sexual function” of minors’ bodies, they appear shocked that a 15-year-old’s mother would have such frank discussions about masturbation with her daughter.

Greene, though, has said in the past that she believes that parents force their children to be transgender, despite the lack of evidence of the phenomenon and how common the opposite – parents trying to force their transgender children to be cisgender – is.

“It’s these mothers that think it’s like a handbag,” she said earlier this year on rightwing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s show Infowars. “They need to have a boy, a girl, and a trans child like as if they’re some kind of accessory.”

Greene’s appeal to the FBI also has layers to it. She has spent the better part of the last several months calling for the government to “defund” the FBI after the FBI entered Donald Trump’s home in Mar-A-Lago to retrieve classified documents.

“DEFUND THE FBI!” she wrote on Twitter the day the FBI seized the documents.

“We must defund the FBI, dismantle the DOJ, and gut the agencies of political biases and persecutions,” she wrote several days later.

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