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Lauren Boebert blasted for saying women are “the lesser vessel” while attacking trans women

Rep. Lauren Boebert
Rep. Lauren BoebertPhoto: Gage Skidmore

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) was blasted after coming up with the latest Republican bizarre definition of a woman: “the lesser vessel.”

“We are created equal, we’re not the same,” she said last week on the Brad Stine Has Issues podcast while talking about transgender girls and women participating in girls’ and women’s sports. “Women are the lesser vessel and we need masculinity in our lives to balance that, that so-called weakness. Just us being more frail and needing that strength in our lives.”

Boebert’s comments were not well received.

“Rep Boebert is belittling the generations of women fighting for freedom to make their own life choices, whether that’s prioritizing careers, families, service or a combo,” her general election opponent, Democrat Adam Frisch, said on Twitter. “The women in my life are no less capable than the men, and I have met so many strong women in this district who I know would take issue with being reduced in the way Lauren Boebert’s comments are doing.”

“What kind of leader speaks about half of their constituency this way?”

Other people also expressed disagreement.

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