Lady Gaga’s newest role is portraying the Virgin Mary on Twitter

A viral meme portrays singer Lady Gaga as various women from history.
A viral meme portrays singer Lady Gaga as various women from history.Photo: Twitter

Lady Gaga’s latest project will be portraying Mary, the mother of Christ. But don’t get too excited. She’s already played Mary Magdalene and Cleopatra in similar roles.

The LGBTQ icon is trending on social media after a Twitter user posted a doctored graphic of the singer wearing a headscarf that claimed it was a recreation of the Virgin Mary’s face. And while several were duped by the meme, others were quick to point out other times the image had been used with similar claims.

“Scientists at Stanford University have reconstructed this 3D model of how Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ might have looked,” the user posted with the image.

“This is Lady Gaga,” someone replied, followed by a reply that “no but actually” and then another that read, “Why are you laughing.”

But some folks just didn’t get the joke.

“Based on WHAT?” one person replied. “Science,” the original poster replied.

While some users quickly pointed out that the same image had been used to claim scientists had recreated the faces of other famous women, most simply went along with the joke. And they made it even funnier.

“When asked about her son, she’d usually say, ‘That boy’s a monster,'” one quipped.

“The immaculate conception was the result of a bad romance,” another replied.

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