Trans wrestler Nyla Rose and her wife tag-teamed a jerk holding a hateful sign

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Trans wrestler Nyla Rose Photo: YouTube screenshot

Nyla Rose, a trailblazing transgender All Elite Wrestling (AEW) women’s champion, recently teamed up with her wife to take down a hateful jerk who held up a sign at one of Rose’s recently televised matches.

Near the end of last Wednesday’s two-hour broadcast of AEW Dynamite: Holiday Bash, a man seated in the arena’s front row held up a homemade sign which said, “Nyla Rose is this guy’s dad.” The sign had an arrow pointing to the person seated beside him.

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He held up the sign just as Rose entered the ring to begin her TBS Championship tournament semifinal match against Ruby Soho, Outsports reported. A fan caught video footage of the jerk and his sign.

Without missing a beat, Rose flipped the man a middle finger while entering the ring.

Rose’s wife, who goes by @Kelthecelt, immortalized the finger in a Twitter post that declared, “My wife is the strongest person I know.” Rose’s wife is also an accomplished seamstress who sews many of the outfits that her wife wears into the ring.

But her wife’s support didn’t stop there. She reportedly told security about the man’s sign and he was removed from the arena, even though he tried to “disguise” himself by removing his hoodie.

While it’s expected that wrestling fans will cheer their favorites and jeer their villains, the man’s sign was no better than any other hateful comment about a wrestler’s race, ethnicity, gender or religion. After the incident, wrestling fans criticized AEW for not doing more to keep such bigotry out of the arena, Outsports noted.

As numerous fans expressed support for Rose on social media, Rose’s wife also took down a wrestling commentator named Jim Cornette who basically said that fans should be allowed to utter such transphobic insults.

“Boy, times have changed,” Cornette wrote after the incident on Twitter. “When wrestling drew big crowds, fans got tossed out if they committed physical assault or pulled out a knife. If you’d tossed them for saying horrible things & hurting the wrestlers’ feelings, the buildings would have been empty–like they are now.”

In response to Cornette’s comment, Rose’s wife said, “Irrelevant boomer has another nostalgic moment about not being about to use the n-word anymore. There I fixed it for you” — quite a body slam of a comeback.


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