Grand jury investigating Donald Trump may work more hours per week than he did as president

Donald J. Trump
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We continue to learn more from several news sources about the supposed “secret” process of impaneling a special grand jury by the Manhattan District Attorney to investigate criminal financial dealings of former President Donald Trump.

We know that although most grand juries hear testimony for about one day a week and are impaneled for only a few weeks, this “special” grand jury will hear witness and prosecutorial evidence for a period of six months while meeting three days per week.

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By all accounts, jury participants will be working substantially longer hours than did the former president while “serving” in office, Oval or otherwise. Well, that is unless you calculate the hours he spent working on his golf swing at one of his several resorts.

Speculation rests on whether Trump and his organization fraudulently inflated his overall net wealth and the market value of certain of his properties to make him appear more financially stable when trying to secure bank loans. The investigation will additionally look into whether he deflated his actual income and wealth when his Chief Financial Officer, Allen Weisselberg, completed his personal and business tax documents.

The grand jury may also examine allegations that Trump employees made hush-money payments to women on Trump’s directive and will also access questionable issues of employee compensation.

Whether the panel issues any criminal indictments, and whether the Teflon Don ultimately pays any consequences – financial or loss of freedom – the jury of legal scholars and the vast majority of the public have already issued multiple indictments and subsequent convictions of massive wrongdoing.

Donald John Trump, on the charge of diminishing the United States’ standing in the world and alienating our once trusted allies and trading partners, the jury finds you guilty as charged!

On the charge of subverting the balance of powers between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government, and by corrupting the independence of the Department of Justice to serve as your personal legal team, the jury finds you guilty as charged!

On the charge of attempting to sell and enhance your brand for your own personal profit and power rather than serving the people of the United States, the jury finds you guilty as charged!

On the charge of attempting to destroy the freedom of the free press and by circulating fabrications and verifiable lies that imperiled the health and well-being of the nation, the jury finds you guilty as charged!

On the charge of seriously inflaming racial and ethnic tensions to shore up the baseness of your base of supporters and to further divide the nation, the jury finds you guilty as charged!

On the charge of creating and amplifying the Big Lie that Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election and that you remain as the legitimate president, and by instigating conditions for your supporters to conduct a violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, the jury finds you guilty as charged!

And Donald John Trump, on the charge of attempted murder on the very foundations of our democracy in your demented efforts to hold and maintain authoritarian powers in perpetuity, the jury finds you guilty as charged!

Sentencing will be announced on you and your co-conspiratorial sycophants in the Republican Party following the 2022 legislative elections.

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