Tallying up political endorsements, Trump v. Biden

Campaign buttons for the 2020 election
Campaign buttons for the 2020 election Photo: Shutterstock

Our democratic system allows individuals and organizations to endorse a presidential candidate.

In response to an unprecedented year, the 2020 election has also seen a number of first-time endorsements, most notably: Log Cabin Republicans endorsing the anti-gay Trump and Scientific American endorsing Biden.

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With Biden exponentially leading in the number of endorsements versus those of the sitting president, it’s a hard fact to ignore that it’s time for a shift in executive power.

Here’s a sampling of endorsements for each candidate from elected officials…

Former President endorsements:

Trump — 0

Biden (leading) — 3 — Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama (Bush, no fan of Trump, has refrained from an endorsement)

Former Vice President endorsements:

Trump — 1 — Dan Quayle

Biden (leading) — 2 — Walter Mondale, Al Gore

Former & Current Cabinet Official endorsements:

Trump — 31

Biden (leading) — 66

Former & Current Intelligence Officer/Committee on Intelligence Member endorsements:

Trump — 1

Biden (leading) — 24

Current U.S. Senator endorsements:

Trump — 39*

Biden (leading) — 44

Current Member of U.S. House endorsements:

Trump — 135

Biden (leading) — 157

Current gubernatorial endorsements:

Trump — 24

Biden (leading) — 45

Current mayoral endorsements:

Trump — 10

Biden (leading) — 69

TOTAL Trump Endorsements: 241

TOTAL Biden Endorsements: 410

*Of the 53 Republican senators currently in Congress, only 39 have publicly confirmed their endorsements for Trump. Senators Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Susan Collins (Maine), Ben Sasse (Nebraska), and John Cornyn (Texas) have recently expressed frustrations with Trump and his administration, but they have not yet made their endorsements known.

*Other Republican senators who have yet to confirm endorsements: Mike Crapo (Idaho), Jim Risch (Idaho), Mike Braun (Indiana), Todd Young (Indiana), Jerry Moran (Kansas), Pat Roberts (Kansas), Kevin Cramer (North Dakota), John Hoeven (North Dakota), Mike Rounds (South Dakota).

*On 10/21, Mitt Romney (Utah) confirmed that he voted against Trump this election.

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