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Republican politician criticizes out Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s clothing. Yes, he’s a man.

A Facebook post with pictures of Kyrsten Sinema
Photo: Screenshot/Facebook

A male Republican from Alabama wagged his finger at out Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) for being “improperly attired” in Congress, as Republicans ramp up attacks on Sinema’s appearance.

Alabama’s state auditor, Jim Zeigler, posted a picture of Sinema on Facebook with the words “What newly elected AZ democrat senator wore to work.”

In the picture, Sinema is wearing a dress and thigh-high boots.

Zeigler: Who is that Senator who accompanied new Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema (D) as the senator took the Senate…

Posted by Jim Zig Zeigler on Saturday, January 26, 2019

Zeigler didn’t say exactly what his problem was with that disrespectful young lady’s- er, Sinema’s clothes, but commenters on the post say that she had “no class” and was in “Hooker attire.”

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Zeigler told Roll Call that the comments were inappropriate.

“I stayed up deleting those type of comments,” he said, as if he didn’t understand why people would post them even though it appeared to be the entire point of his post.

Many of the comments are still up. “Some of them were coming in faster than I was deleting them,” he said.

Rightwing radio host Bill Mitchell also criticized Sinema’s clothes.

“Those thigh-high boots and the miniskirt,” he said. “My gosh, she looks like some sort of hooker.”

“And a cheap one, too,” replied his guest Joey Mannarino.

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