10 of the queerest holiday decorations that you’ll want right away

Don't bust his bulbs. He's wearing Beardaments.
Don't bust his bulbs. He's wearing Beardaments.Photo: Beardaments/Instagram

The holiday season is upon us once again. If you want to make the yule log burn a little more fiercely this year, why not queer up your holiday with some new decorations?

Throw on Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas album and get acquainted with some of these fabulous items.

#1 Affirm your identity on the Christmas tree 

Celebrate your new name this Christmas!


#2 Walmart’s Gay Christmas Tree 

Wouldn’t it be nice to find your boo wrapped up under this?

#3  Rainbow Stocking

It’s to hang on your fireplace not put on your legs. Sorry, queen.




#4 Beardament’s Glitter Beard & Bulbs

No tree? No problem. (if you have a beard)

#5  Rainbow  Merry Christmas Tree Holiday Greeting Cards

Wouldn’t it be nice if rainbows grew on trees too?

#6  Diamonds of the Sea Daddy Display 

Who knew Father Christmas was so hot? Who knew he was a mermaid?

Diamonds of the Sea


#7 Genderfluid Glitter Christmas Tree Square Sticker

Holidays decorations aren’t binary either. This could be a nice decor for your window, tree stand, or anything else you want turn into a queer holiday item.


#8 Tom of Finland Ornament 

This could stuff any queer’s stocking tbh.

Tom of Finland

#9 This crocheted glitter penis ornament 

Ho-ho-ho, am I right?


#10 Glitter Rachel Maddow Ornament

She really should be the star on top of the tree. This will have to do for now.


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