Trump boarded Air Force One with toilet paper stuck to his shoe & no one told him

HARRISBURG, PA - APRIL 29, 2017: President Trump giving a two thumbs up gesture as he exits the stage of his campaign rally. Held at The Farm Show Complex and Expo Center.Photo: Shutterstock

In a stunning exhibit of performance art on the state of his crappy presidency, Donald Trump boarded Air Force One with a piece of toilet paper stuck to his shoe.

Apparently, neither his staff members nor security detail bothered to tell him. Also, why are there pieces of toilet paper sitting around on the floor of the presidential bathroom? Who throws butt wipes on the restroom floor? Is he a pig?!

Twitter, however, saw the streaming bit of butt wipe hanging off Trump’s toes as he climbed the steps to the waiting plane. And while the internet may hate Trump, remember that his staff must feel the same way.

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