Pride in Pictures 2014: Size matters in São Paulo

Photo: Ben Tavener / Wikimedia

It’s tough to wrap your mind around a Pride with 2.5 million people.

But that’s the estimated crowd at São Paulo, in Brazil, the world’s 11th-largest city.

Let’s give that some context. Atop the population chart of the world’s largest cities are Shanghai (24.1 million), Beijing (18.59 million) and Karachi (18 million).

Only four American cities have overall populations that surpass the 2.5 million at São Paulo Pride — New York (8.55 million), Los Angeles (3.97 million), Chicago (2.72 million) and Houston (2.29 million). Again, that’s overall population, not Pride attendance.

With live music, extravagant floats and incredible costumes, São Paulo Pride is a must on the local social calendar.

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